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we are creating new whatsaap group members invited

We have created a group for drupal users
And all types of module, theme, patch and other thing were duscussed there
If any one like to join us then send your details in
This format
Your name
Your experiance
If in company then mention or freelancer
And location

On +91 98 90 85 85 82 thanks

My name is iqbal

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DrupalCampChina 2013 Proposal: Introduction to Drupal Commerce/介绍Drupal电子商务解决方案



The China market has witnessed rising competition for the recent years in the E-Commerce landscape. A robust E-Commerce solution would really power rapid development of E-Commerce enterprises. This is where Drupal Commerce becomes one of the key components in Drupal to gain a wider adhesion and success in China.
- One of the keys of the success of Drupal in China is probably related to E-Commerce.
- With Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce, E-Commerce has become even more flexible, robust and solid than it was before.

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Protests such as those in the Arabic world, Democracy Real Ya! and the Occupy Wall Street movement emerge because the citizens are not sufficiently included in the political process. Wiki9999 would like to reduce the split between politics and the citizenry. The goal of Wiki9999.org is to create the technical foundation for "We are the 99.99%".

Why do we need Wiki9999? => http://wiki9999.org/en/why
How do we implement Wiki9999 technically? => http://wiki9999.org/en/for_developer

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Upcoming May Meetup Topic for Tampa?

So, Tampa has it's next meetup coming up on May 3rd. As far as I know, we don't have anyone currently scheduled to present anything. We can always fall back to just general questions and show & tell, which I think can be just as valuable as an actual presentation, but if we want a presentation we should throw out some topic ideas and see if we can't get one of us to speak on it.

I'm not actually sure what I want to know more about at the moment, so I don't have any pressing topic ideas :)


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Meeting topics for the Feb. 15th meetup?

Looking for meetup topics this month

( as with every month :^)

We need two topics, one intermediate and one advanced.
Everyone is welcome to present or to recommend a topic.

There will be time for lightning talks, please propose your lightning talk before hand in the comments below so that we may allocate the time wisely. (Drupal after dark calls at 8:30 =-)

Also there will be a raffle!
Chris Shattuck of http://BuildAModule.com has been kind enough to donate 3 DVD's to the group. We will raffle one off over the next three meetups.

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File format discussion continued

Hello everyone. When last we met we were discussing potential file formats for configuration management, and just as that argument was winding down I went on vacation for a month. Sorry about that. However I am back again and hopeful that we can wrap up this discussion and put the topic to rest. Before I dive into this I want to thank everyone for the feedback they have provided. There haa been an enormous amount of valuable information coming from the community, which is exactly what we have been looking for!

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Configuration management sprint - file formats

Welcome to another discussion from the configuration management initiative! So I believe that in the last thread we pretty much got everybody on board with the idea of 'We can use pure JSON as our file format if we use a hashed directory name and don't write the files by default.' This is great, however it then led to more discussion of 'Why are we using JSON anyways? Why aren't we using PHP/YAML/INI/LOLCODE etc.' Some good points were brought up in this discussion and I think it is worth hashing this out now.

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Notes from DrupalCon Chicago 2011

At DrupalCon Chicago there was a ton of energy around Drupal's staging and deployment problem. At his keynote, Dries identified this as one of the major initiatives for the Drupal 8 cycle, and following the keynote three Core Conversations were given on the topic by myself, David Strauss, and Howard Tyson. Those talks sparked conversations which continued through the week and generated a lot of really cool ideas. This post is intended to document the ideas that were discussed (at least the ones I heard) and to use those ideas to foster further discussion.

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Problem on the website i've been working on

Dear all,

I've tried to find the right section to post this question, so I hope you guys can help me.
Is a problem which occurs on the website of a charity organization i've been working on. http://2011.gateway.org.hk.

I havent been able to find out the real source of the problem, but my guess is, that it is linked with views and panels. Also it is related to the different browsers Firefox, Safari and IE.

1.) The problem occurs in Safari (for Mac & Windows) and in IE (for Windows). Firefox doesnt have this problem.

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Exploring types of interactions possible in Nagpur

Hi All,

I just want to explore opportunities for interacting with people interested in Drupal. Please reply to this message with your ideas about what can be done for increasing interaction related to Drupal in Nagpur.

Please convey if a meeting is organized will you like to be a part of it, organize it, or any other way you have in your mind.

with regards

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