Preventing Website Copy and videos from getting downloaded.

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Hi there,
Apart from SSL, malware protection provided by web hosting company I need to be sure about Drupal providing the following features:

1) Disable right click on my website.
2) Image copy protection.
3) Mirror Image of site should not be allowed by end user on his/her local PC.
4) My videos have copy rights and I only want live streaming and end- user should not be allowed to download the videos directly or by downloading my entire site.

If Drupal can provide solution for above points, let me know how to do technically! I should be sure, before I can start developing my site in drupal and make it live!


Protecting Images etc.

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1) Disable right click on your website can be done by the Copy Prevention module:

2) The only way to do image copy protection is to add Watermarks to it. This can be done before you upload the images to your website, or you can use the
Media Watermark module to do it on your site:

3) It is impossible for any CMS or website to prevent the making of a mirror image of a site by the end user, if they know what they are doing. If the HTML can be downloaded and viewed in a browser, by definition it can be copied.

4) Again, if an end user knows what they are doing, they can copy live streaming content off of a website. It doesn't matter whether you use Drupal or not, the user can obtain the video data. One way to prevent this might be to use a separate application(not a web browser) but even then there is no guarantee that the video content won't be copied somehow.

Agree; if you can see it, you've downloaded it

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Disable right click on my website.

That only works if you are using JavaScript. It's an irritation and a usability problem, and prevents many normal operations, such as someone who wants to translate the page into their own language. Please don't do this.

Image copy protection.

Agree with watermark suggestion, but that only goes so far.

Mirror Image of site should not be allowed by end user on his/her local PC

Whenever a web page is accessed, the browser downloads all the assets associated with it, thus creating a local copy of that particular page and all assets.

(preventing video streaming download)

There are many video streaming services that provide DRM. However, with DRM comes proprietary codecs, non-standard players, technical requirements for viewers, and so forth. Also, hosted video isn't free.

Disabling right click is a waste of time

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Apart from the accessibility issues FluxSauce has already mentioned, disabling right click is a laughable waste of time.

It also shows a lack of knowledge of what browsers do to deliver a view of a web page.

I always refuse to implement it on any site I create.

When anyone views your web page they download all the content for that page. It is put in the browser's cache. The cache is merely a sub-directory on a hard disk used by the browser. That sub-directory is also accessible by other programs and its contents viewable by other programs.

I suggest you pre-process any images to deliver them at the size(s) you expect to use, watermarked appropriately. Do not upload the initial full-size unwatermarked image and rely on Drupal or any module to re-size for you.

There's not much to add to what has been said about protecting video.

Kind regards