Drupal Camp Bristol 2016

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Hi guys,

I'm working on a blog post for 2016 Drupal Camps in the UK and keen to get it published soon so companies & employees can co-ordinate. Do you have any dates in mind (June/July), or shall I just put down TBC for now?

The dates I have so far are here http://www.imaginecreativity.co.uk/blog/drupal-camps-uk-2016




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We've started looking at dates for next year. We're targeting July again, especially with DrupalCamp Brighton in June - we're just looking into what dates the venues have available.

Hopefully we'll be at the same venues again next year.

Hey Chandeep, We've just

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Hey Chandeep,

We've just announced the blind bird ticket sales with the dates and locations:




Bristol and The West, UK

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