Thailand YellowPages on Drupal8 (7-8M PV a month)

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Hi Everyone,

We have replaced the old Thailand YellowPages website (NO-CMS/NO-FRAMEWORK) with the new Drupal8 since the 2nd of September, 2015. You can access the site at . I believe it to be one of the biggest bi-lingual Drupal 8 sites so far..

We mainly used Drupal8 for the Web Application Development Framework. The CMS part is just an additional feature on the site.

We are the B2B focused-website and been through the tough time of migrating our print advertisement customer to online advertisement.. We will introduce more services to our users and advertisers in the coming future

The system migration was also challenging since we virtually had no single framework/platform to work on.

The site is currently running on
- 1 MariaDB for Drupal/some relational data
- 1 MongoDB for document-schema base data
- 4 ElasticSearch Server for local Search Engine
- 1 SAN Cluster Server for advertiser's image..
The site also link to other server handle customer website and some remaining legacy stuffs which will be sooner migrated into Drupal.

We are now testing the other set of site on NGINX/PHP7 servers... So far so good.. we plan to switch very soon.

The road is still a long way. !!


Looks great! Congratulations

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Looks great! Congratulations - love the multilingual support.


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Great job. Congratulations and good wishes..!!