Week-long Drupal 8 media sprint in Paris, France

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2016-04-04 10:00 - 2016-04-08 19:00 Europe/Paris
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We are thrilled to announce full-week media sprint that will happen between 4th April and 8th December in Paris, France. Sprint will take place in Degetel offices or on IRC. Join us on #drupal-media. Ping @woprrr or @slashrsm if you don't know where to start.

What are we working on ?

Core or contrib. It doesn't matter. If you are excited about something we are too.

All issues on drupal.org that are tagged with "D8Media". Back log is constantly updated. There are also a lot issues suitable for new contributors.

Is there something missing on the list? Please create an issue and tag it with "D8Media".


If you need to view

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If you need to view conclusion of that sprint go => http://drupalfr.org/node/47966 (fr). If you need to translate this article in english comment or PM me.