Brighton Drupal Pub Meetup - August 2016

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2016-08-16 19:00 - 21:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

In these hot days of August a nice cold pint on the third Tuesday of the month sounds pretty darn good. So join us for our monthly pub meetup where we'll be talking all the latest Drupal, next year's DrupalCamp, and I'll have loads of Ansible swag to give away!

Location: The Bath Arms




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Just a reminder the pub meetup is tonight. See you there!

Not going to be able to make

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Not going to be able to make this one. Have fun without me!

I cant make this one either

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I cant make this one either Im afraid - will try and get to the next one!

I'm not around either...

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Next time!

No shows

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Well I'm sat here on my own with a pint and a load of Ansible stuff to give away. It seems that "I'm not going to make it" is the default reply for the pub meetups lately, is this something we want to continue doing? Would be nice to have a proper camp catch up at some point...


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Just saw this, but am already home and knackered :( Sorry for no show!

Just got back

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Just back from London so not gonna make it down either, sorry guys - really keen to make it to a meetup though and definitley think these need to keep happening.

Suggest we schedule another adhoc meetup though for a proper brighton camp chat?


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That's a good idea. When would be good for people to meet up? My next couple of Tuesdays look OK.

Sorry Jeni - you had googies

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Sorry Jeni - you had googies too! Tuesdays not good for me currently - not sure what others think? Maybe a chance to simplify the dates too - we could do every two weeks as I always get confused over which day in the month is the 3rd tuesday...

We used to have contrib meets and general meets - maybe look at doing that again - or show and tell or something else! Up for a non tuesday meet soon tho?

Third Tuesday

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Uh, the third Tuesday always falls on the third Tuesday. If you want to change up the logic on when we meet the actual date of the month is always going to be different. That would apply to the first Monday, second Wednesday, or any other combination.

I make sure I mention it's the third Tuesday in every event I post and we've been meeting on the third Tuesday for years now. I would suggest that if you have trouble remembering when it is you sign up to the events when they're created so you get a reminder email the day before, or set up a repeating event in your calendar to remind you. I do both.

If people aren't coming to a once per month meet, I don't really know how meeting every two weeks is going to make anything simpler, or increase turnout.

I've said this many times before, if you'd like contrib meetups, talks, or anything else feel free to organise those. At this point I'm taking a "you suggest it, you organise it" approach. I've heard people saying this stuff numerous times over the past few years yet no one who has suggested we do those things has actually done anything to implement them.

No one has mentioned when would be good to meet up next for an ad-hoc meetup, other than Tuesdays aren't good for Kevin at the moment. So I'm not going to schedule anything. If anyone else wants to pick a date and create the event feel free to do so.

My attendance has been so

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My attendance has been so poor this year that my opinion shouldn't really hold much weight. But after a long time of Tuesday being the wife's night out I have now managed to shift that so I should be able to make it more often. The only issue I have with 3rd Tuesday is not realising until 3rd Monday - but there are tools I can use to help with that as Jeni says.

I've got 20th Sept in my diary now as a free one. I believe it's Bath Arms right? If anyone wants me to add them to my diary reminder let me know.

I think I jumped in with some

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I think I jumped in with some ideas that are best discussed round the table rather than here. I'll try and make the 20/9 meet - we still need to do post camp discussions too..


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