Christmas dinner!

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2016-11-16 19:30 UTC
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Somehow I managed to volunteer to organise this year's Christmas dinner at the last talk night. (As well as everything else, whoops...)

To make it easier, I've created a Doodle poll of some possible dates. Whichever gets the most votes by the end of next week's talk night will be the date we go for dinner.

Here's a list of suggestions for food:
* Wahaca
* Wagamama's
* Sticks 'n' Broth
* Las Iguanas
* Pizza Express
* Turtle Bay
* ZeroDegrees
If anyone else has a suggestion I'm keen to hear it. On Thursday the week after next I'll send out enquiries for the chosen date and whichever restaurant gets back to me first will be the chosen one.

I'll then update this event with the date, time and place for foods and open Signups so we can keep track of who's attending.

Reminder: submit your preferred date and any extra suggestions for food by the end of the November talk night.

Also, go to the next Drupal Bristol talk night, which will be held at Torchbox.

(Protip: if you guys want a Microserve-free Christmas dinner then go for the 8th/9th (as the 8th is our Christmas party).)


Pizza express takes my vote

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Pizza express takes my vote :)

Awesome! Now do the Doodle

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Awesome! Now do the Doodle poll for a preferred date ;)