Brighton Drupal Pub Meetup - November 2016

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2016-11-15 19:00 - 21:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

It's my birthday week! So help me celebrate getting old by coming along to the monthly Brighton Drupal pub meetup. If you missed it last month, here's what we discussed:

  • Commerce rules
  • Vue.js
  • Drupal ajax
  • US Election
  • "The medium is the message"
  • Laundry service wash
  • Training, self-education, learning new skills
  • JS frameworks in Drupal core
  • Composer vs Drush make
  • Drupal console vs Drush
  • Contrib module security policy
  • Ansible modules for Drush
  • Brighton meetup is NOT the 4th Tuesday of the month

The Brighton Drupal pub meetup is the 3rd Tuesday of the month, every month.


The Bath Arms


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I'm moving house at the

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I'm moving house at the moment. I'm sure Jeni can feel my pain... Hope you get to have some good Drupal chats and not too many Farage and Trump conversations.

Happy Birthday!

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unfortunately I won't be able to make it this month. Have a good one!


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Just a reminder that this is tonight, the third Tuesday came quick this month.

No Trump and Farage conversations, Drupal only! Anyone caught discussing politics will be dealt with accordingly. I've got a connection at Guantanamo.

Happy birthweek Jeni. see you

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Happy birthweek Jeni. see you later

have a good one and happy

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have a good one and happy birthday Jeni - sorry im down with manflu...

Baby stuff

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Ante natal classes start today so am gonna have to give it a miss too - will bring up the Drush vs Console topic with the group and see what their preference is though ;)

Have a good one