Planning for Global Sprint Weekend 2017 in Yorkshire

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Planning discussion has moved to Global Sprint Weekend: Sheffield 28/29 Jan 2017 to better organize the information.

And the g.d.o event.

DrupalGlobal Sprint Weekend is usually at the end of January.

On January 28 and 29, 2017 Drupal Yorkshire are planning run a sprint in Sheffield.

Although the exact date has not been announced yet so we have still to confirm a location; we will find a way!

Drupal Yorkshire is lucky to have quite a few mentors among it's members; so help will be available - even if you haven't sprinted before!

Wait, there's more

There's also going to be lightning talks on the Saturday. Lighting talks a short presentations about 5 to 10 minutes long on a variety of subjects. Who's giving the talks? Any one who want's to. And they don't have to be Drupal related - I know; heresy.

The rough itinerary for the weekend is:

  • Saturday
    • 10:00 - 17:00 - Sprinting
    • 17:00 - 19:00 - Lightning Talks
    • 19:00 onwards - Pub
  • Sunday
    • 10:00 - 17:00 - Sprinting
    • 17:00 onwards - Pub?

Hope you can join us.
And don't forget to sort out your talk!



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Just to reiterate what I asked John on IRC, the main thing to sort out is the date. Then I can maybe talk to the co-operative space I co-work at, and get a booking.

Where I work is less than five minutes' walk from the station, and there's loads of food options near here. We could also go for a lunchtime walk through the Peace Gardens and Winter Gardens, if we need some air...!


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The date has now been set! January 28-29.


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Glad to see Drupal Yorkshire in a new city!

We said from the outset that DrupalYorkshire does NOT just mean Leeds; that we should let anyone use the name/momentum to boost community involvement in another town. So I think we should rally together to make Sheffield the official(?!) Drupal Yorkshire sprint.

Thanks John and J.P. for this.

Re: !

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Sheffield will be DY's sprint, although we'll still have our usual meet-up in Leeds.

PS. I expect a lightning talk from you ;)

Great, I'll get it added to

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Great, I'll get it added to meetup

I have buffer connected to the Drupal Yorkshire twitter account so can create a tweet schedule if anybody wants to put together a list of tweets and tweet dates.

Cheers Dan

Nice, let me know if I can

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Nice, let me know if I can help with anything.


Now for a venue

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I'll let you all know!

I am interested in

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I am interested in attending... maybe even a talk !?!
Given I'm not in Yorkshire, are there things I can help with?

It would be great to meet you!

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And a talk would be nice as well - it doesn't have to be long, or about Drupal (perhaps vaguely related though ;) ).

You could always bring some friends / hecklers; that would help.

Venue update: mostly booked

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Hi all,

just a quick update on the venue: it looks like we'll have a city-centre venue for the weekend. I'm just wrangling with the person who runs it, to see whether or not we'll have to pay a fixed amount for it, or whether we can do an honesty jar.

Would anyone's company consider stepping forward to cover the venue cost? It could be a couple of hundred, but rather than make it clear I'm trying to move in the direction of a jar instead! Maybe if we do a jar then they could put a reduced amount in, and sponsor some lunch instead or something....

Anyway, that's still ongoing but it's looking very hopeful now.

We'll have wifi and tea/coffee facilities (my company can probably stump up for supplies there), and a projector screen -

... but probably no projector, for lightning talks: again, if someone has any thoughts on this, that'd be great.

Hi JP, What is the exact

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Hi JP,

What is the exact location of where you work I'm just creating the meetup event.

I can see if we have a projector at work that can be loaned out, I'll let you know.

Cheers Dan

Want to get confirmation first?

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Hey Dan,

I just want to get confirmation before we definitely put it as a venue if that's OK. "It's easy turning a no into a yes, but much harder to turn a yes into a no!"

I'll remind Matt about a confirmation email as soon as I see him tomorrow.



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I may be able to loan a projector: I have an Epson 3000 lumen Full HD projector which should be suitable for any ordinary room (ie not for a 'theatre' type room).

Anything would be great!

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The space where the projector screen and mount is, is around ten metres across, so it's not huge. I'm sure it would be fine.

We're on!

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Union St Co-working space
S1 2JP

I have to head out now for a Christmas do, but will add more info tomorrow.

Wiki page added

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OK, added more details on . That allows us to edit more easily (and maybe @johncook you could edit the description here, to point there?)

Do we want to add a g.d.o event? And explicitly say "sign up on the Meetup event, not here"?

I guess the meetup is easier

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I guess the meetup is easier to manage numbers I can also announce it and spam/let people know who have been to one of the meetups already.

We should add something on the website, perhaps a blog post about the importance in contributing, if anybody has something already about that it would save time but i could write one if needed and then promote the event.

Cheers Dan

Writing a personal blogpost: want a crosspost?

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@danharper I'm going to write a personal blogpost right now, but I can't find my login for Drupal Yorkshire. Can you send me a password reset? If so then I'm happy to reword/crosspost...!

Hi JP, You should have

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Hi JP,

You should have received a password reset email, I blocked the accounts a while ago because the site got hacked I think probably because I hadn't kept it up to date.

Cheers Dan

Can't see anything?

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Hi Dan,

I can't see an email in my inboxes or spam folders: unfortunately I'm going to be away from computers for a while, to sort Christmas stuff, but feel free to plagiarize my blogpost for a DY post if that's easiest.



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