Brighton Xmas Drupal Pub Meetup - December 2016 - VENUE CHANGE

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2016-12-20 19:00 - 21:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

Ho ho ho! For a very special Christmas pub meetup we're going to be in a different pub this month. So pack your holiday cheer and catch a sleigh ride up to the Open House, which is right next to London Road station, just a short walk from Preston Circus.


The Open House


I'll probably get there a bit early to scope us out a table, so please sign up to this event or leave a comment so I have an idea of how many are showing up!


Can't be there at 7pm...

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But hoping to drop in for a pint later on!

I can't make it until later

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I can't make it until later on - if you are still there at 9 I will pop by!

I'll be there for as long as

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I'll be there for as long as it takes! ;-)

I'll be there at 7 for some

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I'll be there at 7 for some grub etc - dusting down the xmas jumper as I type...


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