Tour de Drupal Vienna

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On Sunday, 24 September we plan to start at 8am from Krems and travel to Tulln. At 11am we’ll arrive in Tulln and meet at the Weshapers office for some drinks & BBQ.

In the afternoon at 2pm, we plan to leave Tulln and cycle the remaining 40 km to Vienna to finally arrive in Vienna.

To sum-up, the meeting points are:

How to get there?

There are many cycling routes that lead to Vienna. We created a map that currently highlights roads from east and west along the Danube. Also, check out the EuroVelo routes, bessone summarized the interesting ones for Vienna.

If you just wanna join for the last day, it’s a 30-minute train ride from Vienna to Tulln or 1:10 from Vienna to Krems and you can bring your bike on the train. Check ÖBB to book your train ticket.

Convinced? Tell us you are coming!

Original post:

Hi there,

just wanted to start some brainstorming around Tour de Drupal Vienna.

Cycling the Danube river would be a great way to cycle towards the city of DrupalCon. People can join as early as they like.

For the last leg, I talked to some friends from the community and they could host a Tour de Drupal gathering in the city of Tulln - just 40km before the final goal:,+Austria/Vienna,+Austria/

When would we like to do the last leg? On Sunday or Monday? I'm tending towards Sunday to allow anyone going who would on Monday also go to Trainings or Summits or has other work duties.

If desired, we could organize accommodation in Tulln as well. The last leg of 40km is not very long - so we could also do accomodation earlier, e.g. Krems an der Donau 80km towards Vienna,+Austria/Vienna,+Austria/

Interested? Sign-up

Use the doodle / updated doodle to mark which days you plan to participate.

If anyone would like to take the lead for setting up recommendations for Tour de Drupal, I'd be happy to support this. We still have 9 months to go - gives us great time to organize :)

Best Josef / dasjo


Alright, so I have made a

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Alright, so I have made a first plan:

Friday 22nd of August: arrive in Linz late afternoon
Saturday, 23rd: Linz to Krems (133 km)
Sunday, 24th: Krems to Vienna (80 km)

As mentinoed, on Sunday, we can do a stop alltogether in Tulln which is just at the half of the road: 40km from Krems and Vienna.

Those who want to do less on Saturday could go from "Ybbs an der Donau" to Krems instead.Thats 55km.

For those who want to go east to west instead, a nice starting point would be Bratislava - 70km to Vienna. Or from Hainburg its 45km to Vienna.

Sounds good, I think we can

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Sounds good, I think we can fix already to meet on Sunday, 24th of Sept evening somewhere in Vienna (Donauinsel, Donaulände or in the Prater) to have a small welcome party for all cyclists. 17:00 would be a good time I think.

So we're having at least two groups so far:
1) Group one coming from Passau/Linz along the Danube.
2) Group two coming from Bratislava along the Danube. An alternative would be to go by boat from Bratislava, as Zsofi suggested somewhere.

It is good to have a few fixed dates like Josef posted above, so people can plan early and arrange their travels.

Maybe we should prepare some basic information for both groups and provide a way to subscribe. Is there still a tourdedrupal website somewhere?


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Maybe it can help in planning the route, almost all Eurovelo routes passing through the center of Europe, most are low-traffic roads or bike paths (although it is not always true).


In particular there is the path Eurovelo 7 (then Sun Route) that cut across Europe from north to south, passes right through Linz

Eurovelo 7

@bessone It would be awesome

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It would be awesome to have another group coming from the South!

EuroVelo 7 looks nice, maybe going over the Großglockner? ;)

An option would be to take the train from Salzburg to Linz, there is a great connection (1 to 1.5 hour train ride). Or even directly to Tulln just before Vienna to join the big group for the last meters (2.5 hours train ride).

Some more impressions:

From Regensburg, down the Danube?

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Sorry I'm late to this discussion; no idea why I didn't spot it going on.

@criz we discussed a Danube route in the last few hours of DC Dublin on Twitter; I think I mentioned this route from Regensburg that @martin_q suggested.

I guess that goes more or less through Linz. So I suppose we each of us have to decide how many kilometres we can realistically do in total! All the same, meeting up with @dasjo etc. in Linz on the Friday (@dasjo: September, right, not August?) could work....

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...don't know if that means people want to start pushing their planned dates back a day.

@jp.stacey Great to have you

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Great to have you on board! But you should go through the Wachau (Spitz, Dürnstein, Krems a.d. Donau) instead of St.Pölten to see the nicest villages/landscape of the route.

The program at the main venue is cancelled on Monday, but there will be community organized events (at least Community and Business Summit are in planning).

Good to know: this was

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Good to know: this was basically the first route Google came up with, so I'd appreciate some input when it comes to getting something more concrete together!

Might not make it

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Hi all,

just to say, I might not make Drupalcon altogether this year. Celebrations for my father's 75th birthday, and a friend's 50th, are both in the first week of October; along with other family commitments, these makes timings very tight.

I'll keep listening on these threads, but even if I do manage to fit Drupalcon in it's unlikely I'll be able to take the extra time out for the Tour!

Bon voyage, tous les mêmes,


I'm not sure yet if I'll join

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I'm not sure yet if I'll join the tour this year, but if I will, I prefer to arrive on Sunday, so there's at least one rest day before the con starts.

Max 80 km a day would be doable for me.

Yeah, 130km is quite extreme for tourers

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We can think again about how we divide the journey up, closer to the time: we might find a smaller town that will split the journey better, but I do want to book a room in advance this time. I'm just easily panicked!

Hi again everyone,to further

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Hi again everyone,

to further look at the options for Tour de Drupal Vienna, crizzirc and me discussed possible waypoints before Vienna.

Thanks to the help from our community friends webshapers, Tour de Drupal Vienna will feature a gathering in Tulln, 40km west from Vienna. We can meet there already Saturday, 23rd of September in the evening or for a lunch break on Sunday 24th of September between 11am and 2pm. The arrival in Vienna is planned for 5pm at Kaiserwiese - just in front of the Riesenrad :)

As we want to welcome such cyclists that want to take it easy, don't run more than 100k per day or just are interested more in the touristic aspects of cycling, we want to make sure there is options available with shorter distances per day. At the same time, we might have semi pro cyclers who are eager to do more kilometers per day. Also let's take into account we can go two ways along the Danube: either from the west (i.e. via Linz, Krems) or from the east (i.e. via Budapest, Bratislava).

Thanks for any feedback & feel free to edit! I would also especially be happy if anyone would be interested in helping set up a nice sheet or process for individuals to sign up and indicate which route they are planning to take.

Best josef / dasjo

As I only have a road bike, I

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As I only have a road bike, I will drop my gear in Vienna before heading out to meet up with you guys for the home leg on Sunday.

For anyone who's keen, I'd also be up for some early morning sessions through the hills around Vienna during the week. Does anyone know good 50-60KM circuits around Vienna?

@andrewsuth My plan is doing

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@andrewsuth My plan is doing the same for TourDeDrupal on Sunday: Vienna - Tulln (meeting at webshapers) and back.

Btw, I am thinking about guiding a MTB or a Roadbike tour during DrupalCon, but probably not in the morning.

Vienna routes:
Pictures and blogpost (please ignore the ads):
If you like it hilly I can recommend this tour:

Here some more Vienna cycling

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Here some more Vienna cycling routes:

Hi everyone,I have posted an

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Hi everyone,

I have posted an article about plans for Tour de Drupal Vienna and updated the summary of this post accordingly:

Please note the updated doodle which contains options to sign-up for the different parts of the event. Thanks for filling this one out:

Looking forward hearing your thoughts about who will join when and will keep you posted about my one-month-tour-plans coming next week :)

Josef / dasjo

Sorry for the confusion, I

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Sorry for the confusion, I posted the wrong doodle link. The updated one is this one:

I'm starting with the Tour

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I'm starting with the Tour already this Friday from Switzerland visiting Alp passes in Italy, Germany, Slovenia on the way and would be happy to meet fellow Drupalists on the way. You can follow me here:

I'd love to meet up

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I'm planning on flying in to Linz and cycling to Vienna from there. It would be awesome to join up. Do you know which day you will be there or passing through?

Hi Eliot, sounds great! My

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Hi Eliot, sounds great!

My current plan is to arrive in Linz on Friday, Saturday to Krems and Sunday via Tulln to Vienna.

Along the way, depending on weather and my own condition I might need to adapt but this is the plan so far

Hey everyone,We are getting

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Hey everyone,

We are getting closer to the last days before DrupalCon. Would be great to plan our final days rides a bit more and create some momentum around it.

Who's in for Tour De Drupal Vienna and what's missing on our todo list?

Josef / dasjo


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I'm a late withdrawal due to illness. Good luck, looks awesome so far!

Sorry to hear eli-t, get well

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Sorry to hear eli-t, get well soon and see you next time!

I'd have loved to time the

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I'd have loved to time the arrival with you guys but unfortunately it looks like I'll be getting to Vienna on the Monday afternoon, coming along the Danube from Munich.

It would be good to meet up at DrupalCon though and hear your stories!

Andrew, danube is downhill so

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Andrew, danube is downhill so maybe if you make it till linz by Saturday noon we can still drag you down in time :)

As Praterwiese is not available, I made a reservation at Schweizerhaus where we can meet up Sunday from 5pm

Yoho, greetings from Linz!

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Yoho, greetings from Linz! Tomorrow bessone and me will cycle to Krems. On Sunday it looks like we are at least 4 cyclists going from Tulln the final leg to Vienna. Looking forward seeing on the ride or afterwards at Schweizerhaus

It's been a fun ride! Just

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It's been a fun ride! Just published my blog post about cycling 31 days from Zurich to DrupalCon Vienna: