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Tour de Drupal Vienna

On Sunday, 24 September we plan to start at 8am from Krems and travel to Tulln. At 11am we’ll arrive in Tulln and meet at the Weshapers office for some drinks & BBQ.

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Tour de Drupal branding

The original logo idea by martin_q was to have something like a typical "cycle lane" sign, but within a Druplicon drop. Attached is a tgz file of this, in SVG and LibreOffice Draw format. Ideally the SVG should be the master: you can always open it in Draw.

The design is a simple combination of:

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Tour de Drupal says: thank you, Ireland!

Just a quick g.d.o crosspost to say thank you to everyone who helped Tour De Drupal happen from Belfast to Dublin this year.

Here's a blogpost with some photos:

Christian put a heap of his own photos on Flickr, including one of me pulling a very funny face indeed:

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Belfast-Dublin itinerary (mostly) confirmed: join us en route or at the end?

We now have five (mostly) fixed points in the Belfast-Dublin itinerary:

  1. Belfast Central train station, 0830 Sat
  2. Scarva visitor centre, 1230? Sat
  3. Dundalk B&B tbc, 1730? Sat–0830 Sun
  4. Drogheda's Moorland Cafe, 1130? Sun
  5. Dublin Fade Street, 1800? Sun
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Suggestions of routes and venues for the Belfast-Dublin group

The Belfast–Dublin group would still love recommendations for:

  1. A gathering-place in Belfast at around 0830 on Saturday morning.
  2. A route between Belfast and Dublin, suitable if possible for (a) safe cycling and (b) road cycles (so minor roads better than major roads or offroad routes.)
  3. (Maybe) somewhere to stay overnight near Dundalk.
  4. A gathering-place in Dublin at around 1800 on Sunday evening.

So not much, then!

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Sign up for the Belfast (and mainland GB)-Dublin group

2016-09-24 08:30 - 2016-09-25 18:30 Europe/Dublin
Event type: 
Related event (ie. not Drupal specific)

Some of us will be meeting at 0830 on the Saturday before Drublicon, in Belfast in Northern Ireland, to cycle 200km south and arrive in Dublin at around 1800 on the Sunday. You are very welcome to join us!

Most of us also plan to get a ferry from Birkenhead (Liverpool) to arrive fresh on the Saturday morning (or maybe a day earlier). More details are on a wiki page, so that anyone can edit it if necessary.

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Belfast (and mainland GB)-Dublin group

The first group for the Tour de Drublin is announced! Some of us will meet in Belfast on Saturday morning, either fresh off the overnight ferry from Birkenhead (Liverpool) or having spent a day or two in the city. We'll then cycle down to Dublin, staying overnight somewhere near the UK/Irish border.

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Equipment for conference travel

Conference travel is probably a bit different from normal long-distance cycling. So add any specific tips you can think of, below.

General cycling kit

Very good suggestions from Alan:

  • Have a decent bike, in full working order.
  • Have a repair kit - don't rely on someone else having one.
  • Know how to use said repair kit.
  • Wear proper clothes for cycling.
  • Cycle in daylight, unless absolutely necessary.


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Tour de Drublin?

Is anyone interested in cycling to Dublin? I appreciate that for a lot of people it would involve two sea crossings, but it could also involve some great cycling!

I've just started a wiki page with a few options:

If anyone's interested in expanding it, please do.

Right now I'm looking at going to Drupalcon for Sun-Sat, so arriving in Dublin some time on Sunday 25 September. But it depends on what accommodation I can get!

Any thoughts?

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Travel options for Dublin

To Britain

Transport options from continental Europe to different parts of Britain:

East coast:

  • Rotterdam to Hull (P&O ferry)
  • Zeebrugge to Hull (P&O ferry)


  • Eurostar to London St Pancras (train - €30 each way bike supplement)
  • Calais to Dover (P&O ferry)


  • Le Havre, Caen, St Malo, Cherbourg, Bilbao to Portsmouth (Brittany ferry)
  • Cherbourg to Poole (Brittany ferry)
  • St Malo, Roscoff, Santander to Plymouth (Brittany ferry)
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Drupal Dev Days - Milan

as most of you know, from the 21 to the 26 of june there will be the Drupal Dev Days in Milan (Italy) and I'm looking to plan one or two bike tour to keep the tradition of the Tour de Drupal.

I'm thinking to plan two tours so that everybody can take part on it, not only real bikers.

That's the idea:



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Tour de Drupal last day Blanes - Barcelona & Beach

2015-09-20 11:00 - 22:00 Europe/Madrid
Event type: 
Related event (ie. not Drupal specific)

Hi everyone,

No matter if you are a pro, hobbyist or Sunday cyclist, anyone can join us for the last day of Tour De Drupal between Blanes (60km before Barcelona) and the finishing line at the beach close to the DrupalCon venue tomorrow Sunday.

Christian & me just had fun in the Pyrenees around Andorra and changed plans to cycle from Vic to Blanes by this evening.

There's already some info up about the last day here:

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Tour de Drupal last day Blanes - Barcelona & Beach

2015-09-20 11:00 - 22:00 Europe/Madrid
Event type: 
Related event (ie. not Drupal specific)


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Tour de Drupal Barcelona Sign-up Sheet

Hello everyone,

this is the spreadsheet for signing up for Tour De Drupal towards Barcelona:

Feel free to share & add your details

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Brainstorming Cycle Routes before Barcelona

Hi everyone,

how's your planning so far? Bas already posted some ideas in

I am thinking of flying Thursday evening from Zurich to Barcelona, arrival time 22:35 but could be earlier if it makes sense. Then pick-up a bicycle and travel up north towards Andorra. From there it is a good 300km towards the coast + down to Barcelona.

Here's a route-idea:

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Dutch Cyclists

We had a small BoF yesterday on the Dutch DrupalJam. The people there:
Stefan van Hooft
Dominique van Gimst
Bas Vredeling

Stefan summarised the findings of the Montepelliers BoF to us.
I made some quick notes in addition to those findings.

Because there is a Fiesta on september 24 hotel prices will skyrocket and will be booked in advance:
Alternatives could be going to a camping place outside of Barcelona.

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Notes from Tour de Drupal BoF @ Drupal Dev Days Montpellier

Hi everyone,

you can find notes on planning the last leg for Tour de Drupal Barcelona at the following google doc.

Greetings, dasjo

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DrupalCon Bogota

I did a bit of research for possible bike activities in Bogota.

The city is full of bike paths, see the map: Renting a bike for the conference time seems to be super awesome.

Every sunday from 7am until 2pm 120km of roads are being closed for cars to let people ride, jog and walk:

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Barcelona 2015

Drupalcon Barcelona is 21-25 September 2015. Several people already showed interest for another Tour de Drupal.

Let's document the route options here.

Amsterdam to Barcelona (via Perpignan)

This is the officially published route from Drupalcon Amsterdam to Drupalcon Barcelona :-) A booklet with maps and description (in Dutch) is for sale.

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Best Practices


1) Have a local guide
2) Prepare routes well - navigation is key
3) Plan the last leg to the destination early and well (meeting points and times, restaurant and bar reservations, print a map with the routes and infos)
4) Pack list - you have to carry all that along the way


Around the bike
- Road bike
- bike shoes
- Water bottles holders on your bike and water bottles (at least 2)
- 2 extra tubes that fit YOUR bike
- repair tool for tubes (per team)
- pump or capsules (per team)
- chain lube (per team)
- chain elements that fit YOUR chain

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