Building for Performance in Drupal

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2017-01-10 10:00 - 2017-01-11 05:00 UTC
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User group meeting

Happy New Year! We have an upcoming training opportunity, Building for Performance in Drupal at our Waltham, MA office on January 10th & 11th.

This course begins with an introduction to the Drupal page life cycle, with an emphasis on the bootstrap process for an individual page. Students will receive a brief introduction to caching and learn how it can help Drupal perform faster. We also will cover Drupal’s often misunderstood performance configuration settings and how they affect the site as a whole. We will then dive into some more advanced concepts such as caching for contributed modules, reverse proxies, and CDNs. At the conclusion, we will provide some tips for creating a performance strategy and introducing some of the changes coming in Drupal 8.

Target Audience:
This course is designed for developers who already have a basic understanding of Drupal and have written a custom module. If you have taken the Acquia Module Development course this would suffice.

A basic understanding of custom Drupal module development and system administration are required.

Course Learning Objectives:
-Understand and use the Drupal Core performance settings
-Understand the basic PHP/Drupal execution flow
-Understand and configure the different types of caching in Drupal
-Implement alternative caching backends like Memcache and Redis
-Set up and configure Varnish and understand reverse proxy caching
-Utilize the Drupal caching API to create custom cache bins
-Configure Views and Panels caching plugins
-Develop a performance strategy for your site
-Understand the difference between frontend and backend performance
-Use automated tools to facilitate frontend performance optimization
-Understand the major changes to caching in Drupal 8

What to bring:
-Laptop computer
-Notepad and pen
-Drupal enthusiasm!
-Morning coffee/continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.
Additional Information:
The training sessions will be held between 10AM to 5PM on both days. If possible, try and arrive between 9:30 and 9:45, so that we can get any technical issues solved and start the session promptly.


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