January Seattle Drupal User Group Meeting

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2017-01-19 18:00 - 19:30 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

We will meet at 6 pm on Thursday, January 19th.


  • Introductions
  • Announcements
  • Drupal News
  • Planning for SEADUG 2017
  • Drupal Summit Session Brainstorming


Planning for SEADUG 2017: We will spend time reviewing a list of proposed topics for discussion and presentation for our meetings this year. If you have ideas about topics please bring them and share!

Drupal Summit Session Brainstorming: The PNW Drupal Summit is coming up fast! This is the best Drupal conference and it is right in our backyard. The strength of the Summit is the participation of attendees through presentations and we want to help you get yours ready for the submission deadline on Jan 25th. If you don't have a topic in mind don't worry, we will pick one for you and even help you write the submission. Come get feedback on your ideas and motivation to get your submission in!


Meeting space is provided by Fuse IQ.

Thursday, January 19, 6:00pm - 7:30pm.

Northwest Worklofts, 3131 Western Ave (at Denny), Seattle

Picture of location, door down the stairs

Coworking is available from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Drip City (2929 1st Avenue (between Broad and Eagle); Map)


Can Drupal outdo native applications?

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by Dries Buytaert

This is part of an existential struggle to keep an open web and Internet.

Forces wanting to close and divide the web/Internet are legion: Big ISPs and film studios who fight against Net Neutrality; native app pushers; Facebook; et al.

To keep an open web/Internet we need to preserve Net Neutrality and to produce many good web apps to replace the flood of native apps.

Meeting tonight!

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Don't forget that our regular monthly SeaDUG meeting is tonight. We're going to talk about goals for 2017—what we want to learn and how we want to improve this year—both collectively and individually. We'll also help anyone who is planning to submit a session for next month's PNW Drupal Summit to prepare their submission.

SeaDUG presentation ideas

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At last week's meeting, I showed a list of 50 ideas for short (15-to-20-minute) presentations for SeaDUG meetings in 2017. The idea is that we can pick 3 or 4 of them each month for someone to present to the group. I created a wiki page to keep track of the topics. If there is a topic that's not on the list, that you would like to learn about or can present on, please add it to the page. Topics for February were selected at January's meeting. I will update the list to indicate them.