Ideas for SeaDUG Presentations

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The following is a list of ideas for short (15-to-20-minute) presentations for SeaDUG meetings. Feel free to add any topics that either you would like to learn about or that you can present on.

Front-end development, Twig

  • (beginner) Add a custom class to be used in a Twig template
  • (beginner) Add custom JavaScript to a single page
  • (beginner) Allow Markdown in a text filter
  • (beginner) Define breakpoints for a theme or module
  • (beginner) Force elements to have equal heights
  • (beginner/intermediate) Use a custom shortcut item in a theme
  • (beginner/intermediate) Use a field group for form display or content display
  • (advanced) Write ES6/use Babel
  • (advanced) Write custom Twig filters and functions

Site building

  • Add a custom contextual link
  • Create a custom block and place it in a region
  • Create a new date format
  • Create a new image style
  • Create a new menu
  • Create a new shortcut set and define which users may use it
  • Create a new taxonomy vocabulary and add terms
  • Create a new text format
  • Create a new user role
  • Create a paragraph type and use it in a content type
  • Create and employ a new display mode
  • Define the private file system path
  • Edit content directly on a full node page
  • Generate an XML sitemap and submit it to search engines
  • Generate dummy site content
  • How to set up and use the Group module
  • Redirect one path to another
  • Save data submitted through a contact form
  • Set permissions for a user role
  • Set proper permissions on publicly accessible files
  • Sort entities using Draggable Views
  • Use the Admin Toolbar
  • View a report of all fields used on a site
  • Customize a text editor and toolbar configuration
  • Customize administrative views
  • Customize text filters

Back-end development

  • (beginner) Apply a patch
  • (beginner/intermediate) Create a custom form using Form API
  • (beginner/intermediate) Create a custom search page
  • (beginner) Debug using Kint
  • (beginner) Define trusted host patterns
  • (beginner/intermediate) Export and import configuration using Drush
  • (beginner/intermediate) Overriding site configuration in a settings file
  • (intermediate) Prevent configuration from being modified on a live site
  • (advanced) Working with blocks, block content, and config management
  • (intermediate) Use an SMTP server for outgoing mail
  • (intermediate) Use PHP CodeSniffer to make sure your code meets Drupal standards
  • (beginner) D8 caching: render caching, dynamic caching, debugging "why doesn't my change show up" bugs
  • (beginner) D8 caching: Big Pipe and Refreshless modules
  • (intermediate) D8 caching: Working with cache tags and contexts
  • (advanced) D8 caching: When and how to roll your own caching
  • (beginner) An intro to Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • (advanced) D8: create a custom REST API resource
  • (intermediate) D8: use JSON API to create a REST API
  • (advanced) D8: create a custom WebformHandler

Project Management, working with the community

  • (beginner) Create an issue on
  • (beginner) I'm not a coder. How do I contribute to Drupal?

Already presented or selected

April 2017

  • (Front-end) Define a library to use CSS and JS in a theme

March 2017:

  • (Site-building) Configure patterns for URL aliases
  • (Back-end) Use custom site settings for local development

Feb 2017:

  • (Site-building) Create a web form using the new Drupal 8 Webform module
  • (Front-end) Discover file name suggestions for Twig templates (slides)
  • (Back-end) Force users to access a site using HTTPS
  • (Back-end) Manage contributed modules and themes using Composer (slides)


Suggestion: Link wiki from monthly agenda

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On each months meeting agenda,
make this an agenda item:

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That way, the wiki will remain visible and active over time.

Also cross-link the wiki topics to monthly agendas.
(Crude, yet handy.)

Updated the list

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I took a quick stab at categorizing the current topic suggestions in hopes that it would highlight categories we need more topics from (project management) and ones that perhaps we should do two-per-DUG (site building). It's a wiki, so feel free to disagree with my categorizations and move them around! :)

I also threw in a couple of new topics around caching that I've been dealing with on a recent project. Happy to talk about those in upcoming DUG's.

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