Travel to/from PNWDS

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I was hoping to get a list of folks that are traveling to and from the PNWDS in Vancouver so that we can coordinate, carpool, hang out, or just meet in the Amtrak bar-car... :)

If you're attending and have your travel plans figured out, post them here. If you're driving and have a spot in your car, post here. If you need a ride, post that here as well.

Looking forward to the summit!



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I'll be on the 7:45 a.m. train out of Seattle on 2/24 and on the 5:35 p.m. train from Vancouver on 2/26.


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Bringing up 4 of us - me, Tess, Elisa and Krichelle. Hoping to increase the female ratio at Summit. ;-) We'll be heading up on Friday morning to play around a bit.

Tess and I are doing a session!


Well done on the ratio! And

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Well done on the ratio! And congrats on the session acceptance.

Does anyone know what time

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Does anyone know what time the last session ends on Sunday? I'm curious if the 5:35 train means you have to skip out on the last session.

Last session time

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I have access to the calendar and says it gets over at 16:00. So 4:00.

Wouldn't want to miss the last session.

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But I wouldn't want to miss the last session...

Anyone need a ticket?

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I've got a ticket that I can't use. Anyone interested?

Extra ticket

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I could definitely use a ticket. Is it still available?

I also have a ticket...

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Hi Kay, In a panic over tickets selling out, and not being able to locate any email confirmation of my having already registered, I inadvertently bought a second $55 ticket to this year's event.

So, I also have an extra ticket! Interested in mine?

PNW ticket

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Yes, it is. Still need it? If so, contact me directly at


Safe travels, everyone! And

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Safe travels, everyone! And don't forget your passport...

Also, I started a GroupMe group for PNWDS 2017. You can join via this link:

See you this weekend!


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