The February virtual meetup scheduling is up for grabs. . . .

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Our second-Wednesday-of-the-month-at-7-p.m. Google Hangout this month falls on an evening when I have another event to attend.

Anyone who is interested in coordinating this month is welcome to go ahead. I can share the master document that contains all the social media presence guidelines.

Based on demand, we can schedule the March Hangout at that time. Both the online and in-person meetups need some rejuvenation to reach a minimum number of participants. Please reply to this if you are in favor of continuing either or both meetings.





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Hi John--
It's been many months since I've gotten on line with the group. It seems more often than not I have a conflict or I forget. I will put March 8 on my calendar and make a real effort to be there--unless I hear that the date has been changed.

Yeah, it seems like there's

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Yeah, it seems like there's always something going on that prevents me from joining in. Hope to catch up with everyone soon!

The next in-person meetup would be this Wed., 2/22. . . .

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Is anyone local interested in attending?

The turnout in past months hasn't merited continuing, though it's easy enough for me to be present in case that changes.

I'll be there ONLINE!

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I'll be attending as I don't have a Scout meeting.

Who is ready for some Drupal discussion?!?!?!?!
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It is a damn poor day when you don't learn something.

The next online meeting would be in March. . . .

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The final Wed. of the month is in-person. Ever since moving the meeting location from Batavia to Buffalo in January of 2016 (specifically the busy Transit Road location in Clarence) attendance has dropped to zero newcomers. It defies logic.

That said, after giving the in-person meeting a full year, it's not practical for me to spend time promoting it on the social media channels.

Unfortunately the venue isn't suitable for online meetings, but if there is a consensus here that we should keep those going (on the second Wed. of the month), then that's another story. The return rate for newcomers at those meetings has also been negligible.

Again, I have the login credentials to share with anyone who wants to start promoting on those channels. I can't devote the time at this point--thanks.