Junior/ Intermediate Drupal 8 / PHP Developer Remote

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Due to a shortage of suitable candidates for an onsite position, I am now opening this up to anyone who is able to work by remote.

I am looking for one or more intermediate FREELANCE Drupal backend developers to work on a number of projects for a period of three to six months part or full time. These developers should have some understanding of the following:

Drupal 8 preprocess and theme hooks
Drupal 8 custom module plugins and hooks
OOP PHP structured programming

The developers should also:

be familiar with working by remote
have a good grasp of English
good at documenting their work

Extra kudos if you are familiar with the following:

Sass or Less

Please contact me on my Drupal contact form.

I am more interested in finding developers who still have a few things to learn about Drupal than people who know, or think they know everything, hence I am seeking junior / intermediate skilled people. If you consider yourself advanced, or a senior Drupal developer, then please do not apply.




Might be too late, but ..

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.. PM me if you want to hear my account of applying to this guy a few years back.

For fairness, I'll stick to the facts and you can then make up your own mind.