Call for Drupal Camp Organiser

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We are looking for anyone who would like to contribute on the organisation of the next DrupalCamp, probably taking place in Dublin on mid-June.

We would like to spend a bit of time on the organisation of this event (there is almost half a year to prepare) and are looking for anyone who, in conjunction with the Committee, would like to give a hand as an “Event Organiser”.

If you are interested in helping out, please post a comment here or get in contact with anyone in the Committee.


Hi All, We have our monthly

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Hi All,

We have our monthly committee meeting today. So far no one has left a comment to say they are willing to help out with the organisation of the camp.

We have a great community and know lots of people will help out if asked. With that being the case, it would be great if we could get some offers of help before today's monthly meeting at 12:00.

If you are willing to help out in any capacity, please leave a comment below.