DrupalCamp: One or two a year?

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The Committee had our monthly meeting last Friday and we are considering reducing the Camps to one a year. We would like to know everyone’s opinion within the Irish Community.

Please post a comment below.

The Committee will be making a final decision when we meet again, mid-March.


One at a time

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2016 taught me the consequences of spreading a team too thin the hard way, I can tell you. (I might even give a talk at DrupalCon about this.) That's why I'm all for focusing on a single camp until we find we're able to put up an awesome one single-handedly.

Cheers, Jochen

Jochen Lillich, CTO freistilbox Managed Drupal Hosting

Mini Camp

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A decision some time ago was made to have one major camp, in Dublin, every year.
This was aimed at spreading the word and growing the community.

And alongside that, we were to have a 'simple', no-frills, no-cost event aimed at existing community members only.

Bu along the way, the 'simple' camp got bigger again, and we're back to where we were before.

One camp per year, properly organised and promoted is plenty, in my opinion.

I'm in favour of one camp.

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I'm in favour of one camp. I think we're spreading ourselves too thin, and with DrupalCon in Dublin last year, I think both of our normal camps suffered and the community is feeling a bit burnt out, at least I am!

I'd be very much in favour of doing just 1 camp, and doing it properly. I want camps to be organised months in advance (not weeks), with venue and dates publicised with plenty of time for people to decide if they can/want to attend (or speak) and have the time to increase awareness of the event beforehand.

I'd also like to put the focus back on developers. That's not to say that we don't want to grow the community, but I'd like to see some more serious development topics and fewer show cases.


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100% agree with Stella. A focus on developers might just cause the community growth we're looking for.

Jochen Lillich, CTO freistilbox Managed Drupal Hosting


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Hi All,

From the comments received here, it looks like the preference from the community is for one camp per year.

We will consider this at our monthly meeting today.