Designed site in Drupal

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I am a web developer and I had a client recently. I redesigned the site in Drupal for them but they didn't like the fact that their favorite plugins were not available in Drupal. So they made me switch them back to Wordpress. They paid me for my time - so no big deal... but it's always annoying when a client can't be convinced to move to Drupal even though it's way better.

Have you guys had experiences like this?


What can you do...

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I guess you can't do anything but try to inform them more about their decision while still keeping your clients best interest in mind. After working with Drupal 8 there isn't much that we can't do that Wordpress does, and can probably do it better, eventually. Maybe the questions should be: What plugins for Wordpress are their favorites and why? What makes them so "great"? And if they are good, why can't it be built as a module in Drupal?

I'm not sure if there is a place for this already, but maybe there needs to be somewhere that people can share their favorite Wordpress plugins so others can try to build them as modules for Drupal. I am currently working for a College and am doing a complete re-build in Drupal 8, and so far it's been a pretty good process. Obviously, being a content management system there are certain things that should not be in Drupal, but that is just the nature of the beast.

Cost of ownership – Drupal vs. WordPress

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Of course I'm biased towards Drupal as well, but this article approaches the debate from the perspective of the future: "How much will it cost for you to keep that WP site up & running in 2018?"