UMass Drupal User's Group meeting: Thursday April 6

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2017-04-06 14:00 - 15:30 America/New_York
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User group meeting

When: Thursday, April 6 at 2pm in ISB 145
(Meetings are the first Thursday of the month.)

Where: UMass Integrated Sciences Building (ISB), Room 145 (See map)
Room 145 is a meeting room behind the elevators.

Meetings are open to anyone interested in Drupal and not limited to the UMass Amherst community. Beginners are welcome.

See comments below for agenda. If you have questions or topics you want covered, please post them in the comments. Offers to make presentations are welcome.


Reminder: UMass Drupal Group meets Thurs 4-6-17

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We meet at 2pm in Room 145 in ISB on Thursday 4-6-17. Agenda is set at meeting.

-Got something new to demo?
-Got questions?
-Come to the group.

Possible agenda item: Themes: What themes are people using? will use? Anyone using bootstrap? Zen?

Bootstrap theme has 138,000 installs. We could try it on the fly at the meeting. Click Try Out a Demo link on

Discussion on themes

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Unfortunately, I am unable to attend tomorrows meeting. I’m really interested in hearing what people are using for themes, so hopefully this can be an ongoing conversation – especially as folks move into Drupal 8.

I have used Bootstrap before and it has lots of nice add-ons so that you can get something styled fairly quickly, but you also run into the issue of having to override existing styles if you don’t want to use what Bootstrap gives you. I have since started using Zen with sass and compass and most recently using the newest version of Zen with sass and gulp (Drupal 7). It's still in alpha for Drupal 8. Bootstrap was the first one out of the gate to offer a Drupal 8 version that was beyond a development version, which is why there are so many downloads. Others could catch up. Hopefully Zen will.

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