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Showcase: Rent or Drive Calculator

In December 2015, I launched the Rent or Drive Calculator - a custom module I developed that uses Drupal's Form API.

See Try it, and tell me what you think.

Joanne Patalano, Web Designer for A&F Administration Systems

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Showcase: UMass Amherst UMPD

Just finished the redesign of, the UMass Amherst Police Department website - launched 9/11/14 - Omega/Drupal 7. A few fun modules and features:

• FB Likebox module
• Custom cck block templates with css using Font Awesome
• Custom field template to display date posted and date updated
• Font Awesome search icon and search in a lightbox (colorbox module)
• Mini-slideshow displays on home page - grabs photos from the Community Outreach pages

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Showcase: UMass Amherst Human Resources

Redesigned Created with Omega theme and Superfish menus in Drupal 7.

• Responsive mobile friendly site
• Custom WYSIWYG editor for HR site editors
• Custom HR Library: Documents are attached to a page and tagged by type and topic to improve searching.
• Search This Site feature
• Custom styles for printing a web page: Excludes images, header, footer and menu. Prints hidden links.
• Dynamic content using fields and views.
• Staff directory: Database fields and views enable dynamic content and efficient data management.

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Last Call Media Blog launched on Drupal 8

At the last UMASS Drupal Group meeting I mentioned we were soon to be relaunching our site on Drupal 8.

I just wanted to pass the news along that we did in fact relaunch our blog on Drupal 8 recently. It came out great! Here are a couple posts we did about it:

Rob and I are headed to SandCamp to present about it and a couple other things.

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Showcase: Workplace Learning & Development Site

I upgraded from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 / Omega 3 theme and gave it a fresh design. It went live in September 2015.

An important feature of this site is the sign-up online process. I used the sign-up module and Shibboleth integration. The sign-up form pre-populates with data from the University's database as a result.

Due to a limitation in the signup module, I used hook form alter and added node object $node field_starts to fetch the workshop date field and include it in the admin email (in template.php).

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Showcase: Office of the Bursar site

The UMass Amherst Bursar site was designed and developed in May 2013 by Joanne Patalano, Web Designer for A&F Administration Systems, in Drupal 7. I used the Omega theme, Nice Menus for the main menu and Menu Block for the sidebar menu.

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Showcase: UMass Registrar site

The UMass Registrar site was implemented in Drupal 7 by UMass University Relations.

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