DrupalCamp NJ 2017 Debrief and Notes

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Organizers of the 2017 NJ Camp meet today to discuss the feedback and look ahead to next year.

See attached PDF that summarizes feedback form data and some prepared talking points.

Meeting notes:

Date: 2017-03-17


  • Sean
  • Peter
  • Jill
  • Becca
  • John J.
  • Brian
  • Chris
  • Dana
  • David
  • Michael M.

Things to Repeat:

  • Food Vendor was good
  • 60 min sessions (no keynote)

Things to Improve:


  • Everyone on the team using Trello to track tasks
  • Weekly team check-in against Trello
  • Trello template?
  • Delegate each day/thing better so there is an owner
  • Can we bring in people who want to get experience organizing a tech event
  • Save the date early (July)? July to July sponsorship to get either year budget?
  • Investigate sponsor benefits and who is happy with ROI

Training Day

  • More communication before
  • Food cop!
  • More coffee, maybe more sandwiches
  • Get confirmation that rooms are reserved! Request only is not enough

Camp Day

  • Reserve atrium as well as rooms
  • Reserve convocation room as early as possible
  • Additional ticket level? Community ($30), Professional ($50), Ind. Sponsor ($80?)
  • Definition of background or pre-req for session instead of levels? "What you should know to get a lot out of this session". Get rid of levels
  • Bring a nice white sheet as a screen backup
  • Space between meat sandwich tables and salad table
  • Featured speakers? Higher travel reimbursement?
  • Need to make sure sprint room has windows. Order tables. Move to convocation room?
  • Getting involved in core workshop session
  • Add a stripe on edge of badge printed schedule to look for BoFs
  • Separate View page for BoFs for projection / opening
  • Printout BoFs that are scheduled in advance to tape on white board
  • Advertise to students - Rutgers, TCNJ, Rider
  • Better job getting into regional event listings (US1, etc)
  • Reach out to professional groups (engineering, etc) in the area

Other Notes:

  • Idea: mentoring/sprint/workshop in one MPR on training day
  • Student Outreach Coordinator Role!
  • Get volunteers to coordinate section as experience (resume) building?
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