Expressa - Drupal Backend Alternative

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I wanted to shared with my Drupal friends a project that I've been working on. It's a backend (heavily inspired by Drupal) that exposes a REST api and has an editor which lets you modify your schema (like content types) and content without coding.

It also has a permissions model with roles much like Drupal. It's been really useful for me when I need to create a site API using an online editor, but also want high performance. I'm really curious what you think of it and I hope it can be useful to some of you.


Very interesting project.

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Very interesting project.


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This is superb!

I'm planning to use node.js + express + mongodb as the backend for my upcoming Android App project, so this one is superbly timed, Thomas! I guess a "Views for expressa" will take this project into the next level...

Awesome! I'm glad to help.

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Awesome! I'm glad to help. It's amazing how simple backends can be when just storing JSON. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. A views-like feature really would make things awesome. Rules would certainly be nice too :)

Thomas Hansen