How do we connect current Drupal devs with DrupalCamp Ambassador university?

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Drupal has been accepted as a mentor organization in the Google Summer of Codethis year. Every year my fellow mentor friends and I connect with the universities and send them the update about the Google Summer of Code to bring more new talent to Drupal.

Drupal Campus Ambassador Program (DCAP) is doing the excellent job by doing the Drupal training and helping more newbies to bring onboard. How do we connect current Drupal devs with DrupalCamp Ambassador universities so that we could spread the word about Google Summer of code with Drupal?


DrupalCAP and DCM2017 details

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Hey Naveen,

DrupalCAP has onboarded several colleges in Pune region and we are now planning to onboard colleges in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad region as well. I saw your email yesterday and have introduced you to DrupalCAP students outreach lead. We will help you connect with colleges to promote GSOC.


Rachit Gupta
Founder DrupalMumbai,


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Hi Naveen,

Thanks for your time! Yesterday I had briefed you about the process so far we are following, however, it will be good if we can connect again and understand how Google Summer of Code will like to be introduced as students already have a idea related to it. My concern here is lets be on the same page and work together for GSOC and DrupalCAP together.

Thank you

Thankyou DCAP folks for

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Thankyou DCAP folks(Rahul Shinde, Navneet Singh and Kajal Kiran) for helping me out in delivering the talk and spreading the word about Google Summer of Code at the SICSR Pune. Slides for the talk are here



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Great work with DCAP. All that really needs to happen is...make sure ambassadors are aware of GSoC and that Drupal participates in GSoC each year. Please provide DCAP members info about our gdo and IRC channel. Hopefully DCAP can help us find more students to participate in GSoC.