Irish D8 Developers going to DrupalCon Baltimore?

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Although, I'm based in Austin, TX USA, I work for a parent company in Ireland who has started building a SaaS application on top of D8. If any Drupal freelancers or Drupal shops in Ireland are interested in being hired for an initial contract of 3 months, I'd like to meet with you at Drupalcon.

This is the expertise we're looking for:

Full-Stack Drupal 8 Development

Participate in the design, development, testing, maintenance, and delivery of a SaaS startup, initially utilizing a Linux Drupal stack as the back-end CMS and a Javascript front-end in a progressively decoupled architecture as the product matures. The evolution of the product will may include a Node.js/GraphQL back-and layer and a React/Relay front-end, but alterations to platform decisions will be based on technology maturation and schedules.

Design, develop, test, maintain, and deliver a new Drupal 8-based SaaS solution
Participate in test planning and perform testing activities as needed (including unit, integration, performance and acceptance testing)

Monitor and perform regular site maintenance activities

Required Technical Qualifications:
BS/BA in computer science, related computing-intensive field, or equivalent competency and experience
3+ years developing Drupal 7 and 8 applications, including custom module development
1+ years on Drupal 8
1+ years experience with jQuery or other Javascript libraries/frameworks accessing Drupal via AJAX
Experience using either Inline Entity Forms or Paragraphs modules
Experience supporting themes, particularly in providing 'preprocess' functions and in providing rendered output (HTML) that has proper hooks for style (CSS)
Familiarity with MySQL and basic database concepts (including performance tuning)
Linux Bash CLI and shell scripting
Experience with the Drupal development workflow, which involves using the command line, Git, Drush, Composer, install profiles, and dev/stage/prod environments.

Meeting the following requirements is a plus:

Experience either developing or using technical documentation automation tools and repositories
Experience with ECK, Inline Entity Forms, Paragraphs, Migrate API
Familiarity with DITA, Docbook, or other structured-content standards
Experience employing RESTful, JSON API, or GraphQL web services on Drupal.
Experience with Node.js, React, Angular, Ember, Vue.js or other libraries and frameworks
Experience with SASS, LESS, Webpack, Gulp, Bower, or other Javascript toolchain alternatives
Experience with Atlassian products (JIRA I Confluence / Stash / Bamboo)
Knowledge and experience in Agile methodologies and tools


I'd be interested

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Though, I dropped the idea to attend the upcoming Con due to recent racist attack against Indian in the US, however I'd be in Germany Camps and would be happy to meet if you plan to attend any of them.

Let me know your views.