Drupal 8 Training in Toronto - July 2017

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2017-07-24 09:00 - 2017-07-28 16:30 America/Toronto
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Training (free or commercial)

Learn how to build a website with Drupal from top to bottom. This is a week-long Drupal class divided into three parts: site building, theming, and module development. You can register for all five days, or for each part individually, depending on your learning needs.

Day 1: Drupal 8 Site Building

The Drupal content management system is known for its flexibility. Drupal can be used for many types of websites, from media portals to e-commerce sites, to community forums. Site builders have the task of customizing Drupal depending on the content and feature-set they want to provide. This section of the course will give participants a thorough understanding of the Drupal site building process. You'll get hands-on experience implementing advanced features with Drupal core and contributed modules. Understanding of basic Drupal concepts (or having taken an introduction to Drupal couse) is required.

Days 2-3: Drupal 8 Theming

Learn techniques for customizing the look of a Drupal site by creating a custom theme. This section of the course will cover Twig templating, creating layouts, and best practices for organizing your theme. We'll also cover responsive techniques and sub-theming. Familiarity with HTML and CSS is required.

Days 4-5: Drupal 8 Module Development

While Drupal 8 core and contributed modules provide a lot of powerful features, you might have some situations where you need to develop custom functionality for your website. In this section of the course, you'll learn how to create Drupal 8 modules from scratch. Some programming background required.

For a full course outline, see the training description on our website.

Registration: https://evolvingweb.ca/training/5-day-drupal-8-training


  • What's provided? Lunch, snacks, and a training manual. Lots of one-on-one help as you go through the course.
  • Should I bring a laptop? Yes, please bring a laptop for the course.
  • Can I pay with a cheque? Yes, contact us and we can issue you an invoice for the training.
  • What are the pre-requisites? Understanding of basic Drupal concepts for Day 1, Familiarity with HTML and CSS required for Days 2-3, Programming experience required for Days 4-5
  • Do you offer discounts? Yes, we provide discounts for students, freelancers, and non-profit organizations. Please contact us for details.