Drupal Camp Islamabad 2017

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2017-07-21 09:00 - 2017-07-22 17:00 Asia/Karachi
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Drupal Camp Islamabad InshaAllah will be held on May 19, 20 2017. Speakers and Attendees are invited to register yourselves on the website. Last date of session submissions is 15th May 2017. The two day event will have the first day as a full day Drupal 8 Training. The second day will be the main camp day with sessions from Drupal Developers on various topics in Drupal. Drupal Gurus and newbies are all invited. Invitation to Drupal Developers from everywhere, we will love to have you deliver sessions in our event. Let us all strive hard to make this event one memorable one in our Drupal Careers. Let me remind the non Drupal guys also, please do visit and attend our Drupal Mela, who knows it proves to be your life changing experience and fuel for prosperous careers in IT.


Drupalcamp in Pakistan!

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This is great. Drupalcamp in Pakistan! Let's make this an event recognizable globally. I have one question. Will the training on the first day be geared towards novices or experts? :)

The first day training is

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The first day training is aimed at newbies and new starters to Drupal. The second day will have sessions for more experienced users also.


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That's great to hear! Any fees for signing up? Will try my best to come as well.

its good, can you please

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its good,

re:its good, can you please

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Visit www.drupalcamps.pk and click on the register link in the top right corner.

good :)

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good :)

Really good effort from

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Really good effort from Drupak...

Shoaib Rahman Mirza

Jibran Ijaz

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Can you please let me know whether Jibran Ijaz will be attending this event as well?

Drupal Camp Islamabad Postponed;

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We have decided to postpone Drupal Camp Islamabad because of certain inevitable reasons. It will inshaAllah be held some 15 to 20 days after the Eid. Exact date will be announced soon. Some Government bodies which are interested in taking part in the event had advised us to change dates. Also there are some visa problems for some of our international speakers who are willing to attend as speakers.


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