Albany Drupalers in Baltimore for Drupalcon!

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If anyone is down there and wants to get together for an Albany meetup in Baltimore, post and let me (or anyone) know! Posts to this group go to my email so it's a pretty good way to get in touch. You can also get at my twitter if you like. @patrickavella

I'll be there Sun night through Friday sometime.


Ill be there and jamming at prenote :-)

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given the weather forecast it might be worthwhile for us all to meet up on tuesday or Wednesday pm.

I'm there

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Amanda (my daughter) and I will be there (and presenting!!!)

Let me know when and where and if we aren't committed we'll join in. It would be fun for her to meet all of you.

Arriving Monday Night

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Looking forward to seeing y'all!

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Pick up invitation at Mediacurrent booth (#224) - after-party on Tuesday, April 25, from 7 -11pm at Pratt Street Ale House. We may hopefully find a table or something. I guess the Pratt Street Ale house is really close to the convention center....

Great Idea!

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Amanda and I have that party on the list.

Tom, you playing in the prenote? Did they end up using the song you did?

I will be very visible in prenote

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I am performing 50 ways to write your module, a Hamilton song and yes the Drupal rhapsody will be performed with me and backing tracks! Gonna be a lot of fun!!!

UAlbany first time at Drupalcon

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There will be 4 folks from UAlbany at our first Drupalcon. We're preparing to launch our site on Drupal 8 and we're gearing up. Looking forward to the week. We're arriving on Sunday. Cheers!

WebNY folks going to DrupalCon

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Hi everyone. I'll be there with a few work colleagues from WebNY. Looking forward to it. I'll be down there Monday evening. You can also get me at my twitter: @catalinachris
Let grab some grub, coffee, or a drink!

Chris (and everyone else

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Chris (and everyone else there monday) I'm taking the front end Cert at 4pm on Monday, lets meet up after. I hear baltimore is famous for crab cakes, you down for a quest?


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I'm totally down for a crab cake Quest! Ive downloaded the Baltimore crab cake DLC and im ready to play...








...thats a good start :)

Opening Reception?

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The opening reception for the con goes until 7:00 pm (and is the best time to snag t-shirts while they are in good supply)

After the opening reception?

And Patrick, study up on your HTML5 and CSS3, there were a lot more of those questions than I remember from the D7 exam