Drupal Drinks Edinburgh: May

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2017-05-19 18:00 UTC
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User group meeting

Drupal Drinks: Friday 19th May.

  • Inviqa are kindly hosting us for the talk: 6pm at their Edinburgh office
  • Following this we will move on to the St Vincent pub (St Vincent Street) for some drinks, from about 7:15pm.

The talk will be a run-through of my session from DrupalCamp Iceland ("Introduction to Behat").


Cant make that night

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Hi Bryan

Sorry I cant make that night, if it was the week before or the week after I could've came along.



Hey Billy, I did a quick

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Hey Billy,

I did a quick straw poll to choose a date, but the following week was just as much a possibility. Seeing as those already signed up can do then, I'll move this to 19 May and hope to see you there!


Count me in

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Up for it!


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Thats superb, thanks Bryan! See you on the 19th!

Venue update

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Just to highlight that we've now got a different venue for the talk, and will move on to the St Vincent afterwards. Inviqa Edinburgh are hosting us - please see the event posting for full details.

Question for meet-up

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Yesterday afternoon I was with a charity in Edinburgh.

We were talking about how to meet their operational and users' needs, and I wondered if Drupal / Drutopia would be one component ?

They have grants, training and other forms of income. They have Sage financials. They wish to explore a person centred approach and innovation.

Hi Alex, Drupal could likely

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Hi Alex,

Drupal could likely form part of a solution. I'm not familiar with Drutopia specifically, but I can see that it is not yet ready for production use, as it has no no stable release (not even a beta release candidate) and is not covered by the security advisory policy.

"Distributions" for Drupal are great ways to package up a product, and it could be that this sort of approach would be suitable. Other examples are Open Social ("Social Business Software"), and, to pick out one where I do have particular experience, OpenAtrium (focused on collaboration or intranet type requirements).

Of course, the real question is what the problem to be solved is, so happy to chat through with you on Friday - a good topic for the pub :-)


Hello! Just to give a little

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Hello! Just to give a little background - Alex emailed me after I'd been discussing Drutopia on the eCampaigning Forum (http://fairsay.com/networks/ecampaigning-forum) asking if there was anyone local so I suggested his best way to discover the wonders of Drupal would be to pop down to his local group which is you!

With regards to Drutopia I'd say although there is the framework there it's a few months away from being a full product. The concept is to provide a hosted, low-cost distribution full of the functionality grass-roots organisations need - campaigns, groups, donations, etc. This is all coming out from the people who built the openoutreach distro (https://www.drupal.org/project/openoutreach). They're forming a co-operative and teaming up with co-operative hosts (and others) in order to get the price down to say $40 or so per month or thereabouts which would cover hosting, basic support and some for further development. I believe they're working first on a distro of it called 'solidarity' and are planning a crowdfunding campaign soon for that.

There's a lot going on over there at the moment. It's all based on Drupal8 but instead of the one-site approach it's going on a 'feature' / 'app' way so people can use the features they want and create more to share.

It's a very worthwhile project to join in if you're working in that space, the best place to see what's going on is to check out the activity tab here - they also have weekly meetings online:


As with many things in Drupal it can become expensive to build and maintain for small organisations if built as one-off sites, and distros like opensocial are good for some things but not others and can also be hard to maintain if extended beyond the boundaries of their project's intent so that's why I was alerting Alex to Drutopia as depending on people's timelines it might be worth following progress of / joining in.

Enjoy the meetup!

Hi Steve, Thanks for jumping

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for jumping in with that background info - good to know.

Yes, I can certainly attest to the complexities which can arise when looking to apply updates to a customised distribution :-)

It'll be interesting to talk through all this on Friday, for sure!

Yes I think it's something

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Yes I think it's something much needed by the NGO/grass roots/etc. space and am very excited about it, so much money is needlessly wasted building the same functionality over again or to dodgy Service As A Software Substitute outfits!!

Have a wee dram for me ;)

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