Brighton Drupal Pub Meetup - May 2017

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2017-05-16 19:00 - 21:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

Do you know what tomorrow is? That's right, it's the third Tuesday of the month! I can barely hold in my excitement about all the awesome Drupal discussions we're going to have!

Last month three of us rocked The Bath Arms, will you make it four? Maybe even five? Holy crap that would be awesome! Free Frankie kisses for all in attendance! Free exclamation points, too!!!


The Bath Arms


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The Brighton Drupal Pub Meetup is the third Tuesday of every month.



I can't make it tomorrow I'm

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I can't make it tomorrow I'm afraid. Have a good one!

will be not around

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will be not around.
Sorry to mention to you Jeni that I will be coming to the meeting last time we saw each other at the farm but I am feeling worn out as had a long birthday weekend.
I hope that more people will show up this time.
I will come to the next meeting.