module Performance Monitor

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I've promoted my new module Performance Monitor -

It has some features:
- Evaluate "Performance score" indicator using web server processing time testing with a small php script.
- System performance testing:
- CPU performance test;
- database performance test;
- file operations performance test;
- MySQL status and fine tuning recommendations.

Perhaps it will be useful to someone.

i'll be glad to see your comments and suggestions.

P.S. help me to review this module


MySQL Query Cache

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I've found it to be not helpful for most Drupal installs.

If you want to lift a bunch of MySQL tuning stuff APDQC has a lot in the .install file.

Thank you for your

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Thank you for your comment.

Main feature of this module is to benchmark system environment from Drupal admin panel. For example it will be useful when user migrate site from one to another server.

I'll see your recommendations to add additional Mysql parameters.