UMass Drupal User's Group meeting: Thursday August 3

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2017-08-03 14:00 - 15:30 America/New_York
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User group meeting

When: Thursday, August 3 at 2pm in ISB 145
(Meetings are the first Thursday of the month.)

Where: UMass Integrated Sciences Building (ISB), Room 145 (See map)
Room 145 is a meeting room behind the elevators.

Meetings are open to anyone interested in Drupal and not limited to the UMass Amherst community. Beginners are welcome.

See comments below for agenda. If you have questions or topics you want covered, please post them in the comments. Offers to make presentations are welcome.


quicksilver demo

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Stephen Grettenberg, UMass IT, will provide an overview of the Drupal (7 & 8) Workflow for the Quicksilver Project. The Quicksilver Project is an automated and updated web service being built from the ground up in NSS Systems, and is gradually replacing the UM Web.

8/3/17 UM Drupal Users Meeting Notes

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8/3/17 UM Amherst Drupal group

Who was there: Stefan Antonowicz, Samm Delorey, Brian DeVore, Stephen Grettenberg, Rick Hook, Matt Mattingly, Joanne Patalano

On the Agenda:
Stephen presented D8 and Quicksilver
Joanne demo’ed querying ldap

Stephen’s Quicksilver Presentation:

UMass Amherst IT is in the planning stages for a new architecture for Drupal site builds and deployment, a Quicksilver project. Stephen presented the complex system with the help of a diagram of the technical components and processes. The system will include integrated approval and workflow processes that will affect automatic deployments.

The group got a bird’s eye view of the future structure from development, to staging and production. UM members raised questions about the effects of the new system on moving from local to dev. Talked about using git and bitbucket.

Questions also raised about theming on the new platform. Stefan briefed the group on how the new file structure will look, how it relates to moving from dev to production and on pulling sites from production to dev and back to production. More to come from Stefan and team through upcoming meetings.

Following Stephen's presentation, Joanne demo'ed her sandbox project where she queried a public ldap db using the ldap module. She went over her ldap server and ldap query settings and the view that outputted the ldap attribute data. Noted is that the module also includes LDAP feeds.

The group also talked about the differences between features in D7 and using config in D8 for the same purposes. Rick emphasized that config in d8 is ideal, easy and better than features.

UM will have a D8 sandbox available in the next few weeks for UM developers.

Members recommended using the module filter module.

Time ran out. Hope to talk more at next meeting on D8 themes.

The next meeting is Thursday, September 7.

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