Brighton Drupal Pub Meetup - August 2017

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2017-08-15 19:00 - 21:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

There's an old saying where I'm from:

The third Tuesday is the best Tuesday

That's printed on plaques hung in school hallways, town halls, and other civic buildings. Children are taught the ways of the third Tuesday in school, and once a year they stay overnight at "Third Tuesday Camp" to learn about it in an atmosphere untouched by modern humans. They sing songs, hold hands, and drink orange punch while learning to celebrate it's joys and receive the infinite wisdom that only the third Tuesday can offer.

That's why I'm so happy to share with you the Brighton Drupal Pub Meetup, happening on the historic third Tuesday of August, the 15th, the ides of August, if you will.

Please join us for this very special event at the Bath Arms from 7pm. Your destiny awaits.


The Bath Arms


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Be reminded, this is tonight!

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Be reminded, this is tonight!

Can't make this evening...

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Have a good one - see you next time.


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