September Happy Hour (Back to School) BauHaus Brew Labs

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2017-09-07 17:30 - 21:00 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

It's time for Happy Hour with the Twin Cities Drupal crew. Next Thursday (Sept 7th) from 5:30-Close??

It's time to try someplace new. This month the TCDrupal Happy Hour will be at: Bauhaus Brew Labs

Come anytime after 5:30PM and meet with other Drupalistas to talk about what is new, old, and anything in-between.

We are not seeing anything about Food Trucks on the website - does anyone have any good intelligence on options for eating?

(612) 276-6911

Come on out for some Drupal chatter. Bring a friend!

No need to sign up - just show up!

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Food trucks can be found on

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Food trucks can be found on the taproom page -

Looks like this is the one for next Thursday:

I'll be there. Probably not

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I'll be there. Probably not until a little bit later. But I like all of these things. Drupal, Bauhaus, and Tacos!

Who else is coming!

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Our announcement for Twin Cities Drupal Happy Hour says you don't need to sign up, just show up!

However, a quick reply to this message indicating your excitement about Happy Hour will help spread the word and attract other Drupal users to happy hour.

Unfortunately, too much of our discussion has migrated to Slack and folks who rely on Groups.Drupal.Org probably think that our user group has gone comatose, but it's not true!

Between Slack,, and GDO - I'm predicting a larger than usual turn-out on Thursday. But, let's see if we can't bring out a few more folks who we have not seen in a while.

We're in a fresh new location and the seasons are changing. I'm hoping to see lots of old friends and make a few new ones!

Tim Erickson

I'll be there!

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Looking forward to the never ending quest of our Twin Cities Drupal group to visit all the happy hours!

I'm also looking forward to hearing from the folks that were at the camp debriefing session last week. We had a great discussion about our future endeavors as a group.

I'll see everyone on Thursday night!

First Ever TC Drupal Happy Hour in NE

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Is this the first ever Drupal Happy Hour in the NE quadrant of Mpls? I believe it is. I'm pretty sure it will be mine. (Yes, we've had Drupal Camp parties in that region before, but that is entirely different :-).

I've heard from a couple of newbies that hope to attend. Should be fun. See everyone there!

Looking forward to a little beer and tacos.

Thanks to Jer Davis for sleuthing up the Food Truck option for tonight.

Tim Erickson

It says on their site, "Taco

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It says on their site, "Taco brings you a piece of heaven!!!"

So that's promising.

No trivia at Bauhaus tonight

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BUT. Trivia Mafia starts at 612Brew at 8pm, literally a block away from Bauhaus. Just putting that out there.