Interested in accessibility assistance

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Working with several state education grants and even directly with a state education department, my organization has gotten a fair amount of training in accessibility over the last couple of years.

I would like to help the group apply that training to Drupal Core and contributed modules and themes.



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This would be great. There are lots of known issues here to dive into.

Lots of other ways to engage too. What interests do you have? What modules do you use? What have you got prepared you can generalize for others using Drupal?

I will most likely lend most

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I will most likely lend most of what I have learned in the form of knowledge, although if there is something that comes up and is easily remedied via a patch, I have no problem submitting it. Already made at least one contribution to d7 core for accessibility and will continue to look at things as we go.

My organization hasn't made the move to D8 yet, and since accessibility is a mandate for the projects we work with, we are running across accessibility issues in d7 that we are currently remediating and attempting to resolve.


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Hi Justin, thanks for posting here.

D7 core development is mostly maintenance, rather than new features. Mostly that means bug fixes, plus maybe a few features which are simple enough to backport from D8.

Contributed modules get much less attention for accessibility than core. If you want to focus on D7, then testing, reporting bugs, and working on patches win contrib modules would be great.

Come and join us in the #accessibility channel on if you like. It's a good place to meet other a11y folk who are using or contributing to Drupal. For more details see Chat with the Drupal community using Slack.

We also have some monthly online talks, which usually have a featured speaker on an a11y topic. They've been running for ~6 months now, and are advertised in this g.d.o accessibility group - the next one is October 25th.