DrupalCon Vienna GTD BoF notes

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Hi all,

We had a BoF for GTD at DrupalCon Vienna last week, and here are the notes from that meeting. (Thanks to Joe for catching what we discussed!)

Global Training Days BOF - Notes

  • Quick history of what GTD is, and how it got to the status now where there is a working group that is in charge of improving and coordinating the efforts.

Question: What does the community need, that the GTD working group can provide, that will help with be helpful to improve GTD, and make it easier for people organizing?

  • Desire to expose more people to Drupal, having a presentation or set of presentations translated into Czech (and other local languages) helps to get more people attending local events especially in places where English isn't the primary language
    -- There was another comment that this can be a bit country specific. For some having it in English isn't that big of a problem. It's easier to have the material in their native language, but most of the new/younger people already speak English anyway. The consensus is this really varies by location.
  • Many user groups have lost some of their core members when they get "enough" experience to get a job and move somewhere else. This is a common problem throughout Eastern Europe. These groups are now trying to rebuild their meetups, make them as big as before, and Global events are one way to meet new people that are part of your community but that you didn't know already
  • A lot of interest in GTD as a way to grow a local community and a local talent pool. For example, there's a PHP user group, but little to no new Drupal talent, what can the local community to do help some of these PHP devs learn Drupal to fill the demand for local talent


  • Would be nice to at least have an outline with some ideas and suggestions about where to start, and the path to follow in order to ramp people up
  • A lot of teaching people starting from scratch. Some people have a couple of levels, so you can come back a few times. Some have just one level. GTD is generally used to teach the "standard level one" or intro content, with the hope of getting new people started.
  • Mauricio has content in English, Spanish, and soon French, that he's willing to share - http://understanddrupal.com/
  • There was a lot of interest in developing a shared outline, with recommended order of concepts, things to make sure you mention, and recommendations on what to skip (for now) based on previous training experience
  • Asking people to do exercises is a good way to help reinforce concepts that you're teaching people. Walk through a task like creating a content type, then ask them do one of their own, but don't give them step by step directions. Instead force them to think critically about what they are doing and why. This can help them to later transfer the skills they are learning to solving their own use-case problems later on
    -- is this something that the GTD community could come up with some standard/common exercises that have been tested and are known to work well?

Hosting tools

  • Things like simplytest.me, or Pantheon one-click install, are a great way to skip the complexities of setting up a local LAMP stack or explaining Composer/Git and getting right to the Using Drupal part of the training. Which, from the sounds of it it, is what most people are trying to teach at their local GTD.

Setting expectations with the training you're doing is important

  • Important for beginners who expect to be able to jump right into theming to understand that learning takes time, and comes in multiple phases of increasing complexity.



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Drupal4Gov used Mauricio's Understanding Drupal for our first GTD and it was very well received.

We've since moved on to Site Building using the free training videos provided by OSTraining and Acquia Training - though it's a lot of effort to convert videos to slides for use in a classroom environment.

We would love to see standard curriculum put in place - and if we can work on that as a community, it would save everyone a lot of time - and we could offer training more consistently and more often!

Mentored Training

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We used the OS Training videos for a mentored training GTD (borrowing the idea Chris Shattuck uses for BuildAModule.com training) a couple of years ago at WebNY.

We let the videos do the heavy lifting, then paused every few videos while people worked through the demo site and did some exercises (aka a cross word puzzle) to extend them.

Originally we thought it would fit into a single day, it ended up being about a day and a half to allow for differences in people watching/following along.

I can see if I can find the exercises if anyone is interested.

We've also done BAM mentored sessions for GTD. One advantage of the mentored approach is there is less instructor prep time.

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