Will you plan a Drupal GTD event in January? Which dates work best for you?

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January 19-20, 2018
17% (1 vote)
January 26-27, 2018
83% (5 votes)
Total votes: 6


we've already set one up for 26 in DC

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so I voted for that date.

Just a minor kind of drupal geeky girl and for the US government no less!

Concistency is a good thing

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I like consistency, i.e. Global Sprints happen every year the last weekend of Jan.

However we are having the Open Source Sprint in London the 10th of Feb 2018, so in order to mitigate the drops rates (for hosting 2 sprints within 2 weeks) best option for us would be Jan 19-20. :(

Global Sprint Weekend is a different event.

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Find Global Sprint Weekend information at https://groups.drupal.org/node/517797 and I hope you can participate!

26th and 27th are the most popular dates

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I'll update groups.drupal.org/global-training-days now with Jan 26-27th as the next event dates. We'll test out how well it works to have GTD happen on dates that overlap with Global Sprint Weekend. If it does or doesn't work well, we will have learned something.

Any Chicago events?

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Or any resoruces someone can point me to for Chicago-area gatherings? Thanks in advance!

Definitely check out MidCamp

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Hi SantiagoSentUs,
MidCamp is a great event, happening in Chicago in March https://www.midcamp.org/ and you can join https://groups.drupal.org/chicago and come to those meetups too.

While there aren't any Global Training Days events listed right now in Chicago, you can try an online option or keep checking back to see if one is added to the list.


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Thanks @lizzjoy. I will definitely check both of these out. Appreciate you getting back to me!

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