January CIDUG Meeting 01-11-2018 - Future of CIDUG

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2018-01-11 19:00 - 21:00 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

Feature Event: Discussion on the future of CIDUG
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A new year is a good time to reflect on what we have been doing. It is also a good time to think about improving the future. In that vein some of us noticed a lot of the same people attend our meetings and we seem to rotate through some of the same people giving presentations. During this meeting we want to open up a discussion for ideas on how to enable more people to engage in the CIDUG. Do we need to have some meetings in Des Moines? Could we do online meetings? How would that work? Who is willing to put in the resources (time, technology, venues) to accomplish?

We realize that having a physical meeting in Ames might not be accessible for some people in the Des Moines area. However, the most active organizers are in Ames and we have a venue. We might try to get a remote meeting for the same time figured out as well. If we get the remote meeting figured out we'll post details in the comments. We have a second location set up at Webpec in Urbandale. We'll attempt to link with Google hangouts.

Please also comment here to share your ideas! What can we do to help you get involved?


Science II
2310 Pammel Dr
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-1031

Room 333


Webspec Design
5907 Meredith Drive
Urbandale, IA 50322

7-8 pm: Open discussion - bring your Drupal problems, frustrations and head-scratchers
8-9 pm: Feature event

After 9 we will retire to Brick City Grill (Ames) for refreshments.

About CIDUG Meetings

The first hour of the meeting is an open discussion/question time. If you have a question, learned something cool, or would like to bounce ideas around with others, please come and share!

Please do sign up so you get a reminder the day before.

See you there!


CIDUG meetings

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I have to admit that the physical location has been a deterrent for me. Even though Ames isn't that far from Des Moines, it seems 'far enough' at that time of the day and then driving back. If there's a possibility for a 'remote' meeting, I would definitely attend.

CIDUG Urbandale Thursday

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Webspec has offered their office for any Des Moines area people to participate. We'll attempt to link the Ames and Urbandale locations with a Google hangout. If that fails, we'll adhoc something else. Backchannel communication will be on IRC ( irc.freenode.net channel #drupalcorn ). Dawn (State of Iowa) and Jeremiah (Webspec) have my phone number.

Webspec Design
5907 Meredith Drive
Urbandale, IA 50322

7pm - 9pm Thursday, January 11, 2018

Urbandale location

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Thanks for the information John. That's where I'll go then for the CIDUG meeting tomorrow night.


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Hey guys - I won't be able to attend, but wanted to give my 2 cents...even though a few of you have already heard my opinion.

Since I live quite a distance from Ames, it's sometimes not practical for me to hang around for an additional 2.5 hours after my work day is over to attend the meeting and then get home so late.

I would love to have something that didn't require in-person attendance...a zoom meeting perhaps or something like it? Or even something that started earlier, although I know this would make it more difficult for people driving in.

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to what you all decide.

Virtual Meetings

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I'd be in favor of having the meetings as Google Hangouts or Zoom meetings, in addition to an actual gathering. While I certainly enjoyed my visit with everyone when I drive down for the meeting last fall, It would be nice to have the option to watch and participate from Cedar Falls. And if a topic coms up again that I'm really interested in, I may still run down to Ames for the meeting.


Swap featured event and open discussion time

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I'd like to see the featured event/presentation come first, and the open time for discussion come after the presentation. Some advantages could include:
1) Presentations wouldn't be limited to an hour, if it, and questions/discussions about it went over, it wouldn't matter.
2) It would give participants more time to try out whatever the presentation is about, they'd have the hour after the presentation to do so, and ask questions if they run into trouble.
3) For people out of town, it would allow them to get home an hour earlier if they decided to leave during the discussion period.
4) If there was not a lot of discussion, we could always adjourn early:-)



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Anyone wanna provide a recap on how this turned out?

I'll try to keep notes and

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I'll try to keep notes and post them here.


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Anyone wanna provide a recap on how this turned out?

Google Hangout Link

sorry I totally dont' know

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sorry I totally dont' know how this posted twice... Thanks!


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Below are some of the notes I took during the meeting. If I missed anything or you have something to add. Please comment!

General Discussion:
* Accessibility
* * SiteImprove
* * Drupal accessibility slack channel https://www.drupal.org/slack
* * wave
* * chrome inspector tools
* * Department for the blind. Looking at webspec to do D8 build. http://blind.iowa.gov
* governor's site launch on groundhog day
* state of Massachusetts, state of new york - States that recently adopted Drupal
* Develop with a design/style guide.
* Mobile Strategies
* * Most site analytics show a significant (perhaps more than half) mobile traffic
* * How to manage client expectations for accessibility and mobile design
* walk-thru of homebaseiowa.gov
* Who's going to DrupalCon Nashville?
* * Several of us.
* Upcoming camps:
* * https://www.fldrupal.camp/
* * https://www.midcamp.org/
* * https://2018.drupalcampcolorado.org/
* * DrupalCorn 2018 is planning to plan soon!
* Work with Dawn and Jeremiah to organize Feb 8th meeting. 6pm.

* BYOB[everage] / Pizza provided at .NET users group.
* Brad from Duo Consulting might have some contacts in DSM businesses
* Usual attendance in Ames around 7 people, almost all from ISU
* 6 or 7 Showed up in DSM.
* Remote meetings could allow for remote presenters. Eg Dave Reid, other experts.
* Would other groups want to participate Eg DrupalHawks, Cedar Falls, Chicago?
* Venue:
* * WebSpec - Willing to have long term venue? Confirm with Jeremiah
* * Public Libraries
* * Need multimedia room. With Mics and Camera? setup for remote point to point
* * Drake University (any contacts? Chris?)
* * DMACC?
* * Other local business?
* Start feature presentation 10 mins after meeting start time.
* General discussion after feature presentation
* Meeting start time at 6pm. If doing remote point-to-point connections. We'll try this next month.
* Have a shared google doc for collaborative note taking.
* Who should we solicit to remotely present. Dawn willing to make calls and wrangle.
* Remote point-to-point or individuals join? Point to point seems good.
* * Balance the need for anybody to attend vs getting actual face time.
* Slack channel. DrupalCorn channel / org?

Topic ideas:
* Re-do some presentations for the DSM group
* Accessibility
* Questions about updating within Drupal 8.
* Website demos. White-paper presentations. Eg. How was this cool thing built?
* How to make sites look more visually interesting? How to keep on brand.
* Mobile / Responsive design
* Tableau (see embedded https://www.iowaworkforcedevelopment.gov/labor-market-information-division) and visualizations
* Headless Drupal
* Project walkthroughs/show from Brad.
* collaboration with separate development teams?
* Dirty Laundry and Epic fails.

Suggestion for Topic

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Sounds like a lot of good progress and discussion!!

I just wanted to throw a topic suggestion out there for future meetups. I attended a presentation at DrupalCorn 2016 on Entity Browser for D8 presented by Janez Urevc (one of the maintainers). It was an awesome presentation, but the module was still in development and I would really love to have a follow-up presentation of the different use cases and getting it setup.