Drupal meet up February 2018

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2018-02-14 18:00 - 20:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

Drupal meet up for February 2018. More details in the URL provided to sign up.
Thanks and hope to see you there!

UPDATE: moved one day before originally planned date.


Hi Fran, you've changed the

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Hi Fran, you've changed the date to Valentines day! I think this might limit attendance.

Perhaps the following Thursday might be a better move?

Hi Tom, I checked...

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Hi Tom, I checked with Nick to see if IE Design could host on that week, but there were some issues on their side, that's why I moved it by 1 day. I realised afterwards that it was the 14th... I also suggested keeping the date, but in that case somebody else will need to host as I can't that Thursday.

Numbers are defo lower than for the last meet up but we're still talking about 5-7 people.


Cancelling this month's one.

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Cancelling this month's one. Will create March's one soon. Apologies for the changes this month.

It seems to be morphing into a social gathering one on the original 15th February :-)