guide request for beginners - install, meaning, etc.

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I guess it's not for begginers but after all I must start one day...
I am usin Ubuntu 9.10
I have tried to follow this lines;
Getting started is as simple as opening a terminal and running:
wget '' ; cat ; read -n1 -p "Run above script? (y/n)" ; bash

though it didnt work for me so I went to the file and open it in the terminal. It runs the setup and finish, and I have no clue for next to do...

Its lead me to some bassic qeustions:
1/ Is there a wiki or some guide for using drush?
2/ What do I need to do next?
3/ I use to work on my site while they already on the sever and not on my computer server, does it matters?
4/ What this Install sepose to do? Is there a guide for the use of Drubutu?

I am sorry for the silly weustions, it's becuase I wuite dont know what to ask yet quase from the Drubuntu page on drupal there is nothing for begginers.

I hope you might help me here.
Thank you



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I have been using a free ebook available online via pdf or via google books. Link to the latter is at: