This group is for people using Ubuntu for developing Drupal core or contributed modules and themes, and also for people using the Ubuntu LAMP stack as a server for Drupal.

See the Drubuntu HOWTO that explains how to install and configure an Ubuntu/LAMP/Eclipse Drupal development environment.

Recently the Ubuntu 12.04 Drupal Development Desktop - a Virtual Machine was released as a newer alternative to the aging Quickstart project, which is still based on Ubuntu 11.04. Drupal Development Desktop is a clone of the Quickstart project, but active and updated to use the latest application versions (such as Drush 5, Netbeans, etc.), plus new additions for themers, contributors, and more.

There are also active spinoffs of the aging Drubuntu project, which is a Drush script that can be run to automate the configuration of a vanilla Ubuntu 9.10 install.

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Lazy Dubuntu

For those Ubuntu user, I have been working on a shell scrip that is going to set up your Drupal development environment.

Check it out - http://lazydubuntu.com/ This project still on development

Today I wrote an article about this project - http://darrylnorris.com/blog/lazy-dubuntu-first-week-recap

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Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo Campaign

Hey Everyone,

Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, have started an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for a highly innovative, leading edge technology phone called the Ubuntu Edge. Here's the link.


It'll be a converged device that will act as a PC with Ubuntu OS when connected to a monitor/keyboard. It'll cost $830 dollars but there are still lower priced perks still available.

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Simple form

Okay I have been at this for a while without success. I have read others questions that are the same as mine, and I have seen no resolution. With that said, here is my question/problem. I want to create a simple form, but drupal does not allow simple forms the way I see them. I need to place field where I want the, with the labels where I want them, and I want it to look like a simple data entry page. You know, like a good old fashioned HTML form. I don't want the hyped up nonsense flash of 'oh look at my pretty page', I need a catalog entry system plain and simple.

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Custom search results

Hi everyone

I have been messing with Drupal and other CMSs for a while (3+ years). But I chose Drupal and stack with it since then no matter how hard the learning curve was.
So far whenever I had issues either I figure it out or search Drupal.org site for any possible solutions time being sacrificed. But now I want to save time and be efficient expediting my projects getting direct help from all my groups. Most issues being discussed here are grabbing my attentions because they are very important that's why I joined so many groups.

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Drupal backup script

I created a backup script hosted on Google code. It is written in bash, and IT DOES NOT USE DRUSH....

If you are interested please review.

Some have suggested putting this in as a module. I don't see how that would work, but if I could I would.


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Solo tech training company needs Drupal guidance

I'm a solo training company needing some Drupal help with UberCart.

Would need someone to help me pick a good template, get the installation up to par, create a good framework and get UberCart (or EventBrite if UberCart is too much) functional. Then offer some minor support as I fill in the content and set dates for classes (btw, I teach CISSP, CISM, Security+ and Network+ if anyone is interested both live classes and online classes for Eastern and Pacific)

Any advice and help is welcome

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Setup Help

Please forgive me if I'm posting this in an inappropriate place. I'm still new at interacting with the Drupal community. I am learning to setup webservers. Fun! I think I'm almost there, but need some help. Below is the situation as best as I can describe it:

Ubuntu 10.4

****Relevant Users
www-data (apache – I think)

****File structure

****Config Files
/etc/profile - added umask 002 at end of file
/etc/vsftpf.conf - adjusted local_umask=002


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Drupal development on Lucid Lynx

There is a problem with Lucid Lynx and Drupal, Lucid Lynx comes with php5.3 and Drupal code doesnt run smoothly on that version. So what we want to do is to revert back to 5.2 on, how do we do that? Its simple:

  • Remove all php packages(using remove or purge): sudo apt-get purge php5*
  • Clean out all downloaded package files: sudo apt-get clean
  • Add a sources.list for karmic packages by running: sed s/lucid/karmic/g /etc/apt/sources.list | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/karmic.list
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    guide request for beginners - install, meaning, etc.

    I guess it's not for begginers but after all I must start one day...
    I am usin Ubuntu 9.10
    I have tried to follow this lines;
    Getting started is as simple as opening a terminal and running:
    wget 'http://drupalcode.org/viewvc/drupal/contributions/modules/drubuntu/drubuntu-bootstrap.sh?view=co' -Odrubuntu-bootstrap.sh ; cat drubuntu-bootstrap.sh ; read -n1 -p "Run above script? (y/n)" ; bash drubuntu-bootstrap.sh

    though it didnt work for me so I went to the drubuntu-bootstrap.sh file and open it in the terminal. It runs the setup and finish, and I have no clue for next to do...

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    Managing Development and Production Drupal environments on Ubuntu

    Through my searching, I have found many tutorials and HOWTos for installing Drupal. I haven't seen anything that addresses the traditional method for web development which maintains separate systems for development and production. I'm hoping that with your help, we can document a way to easily move Drupal sites (all files and database data) between systems to facilitate a better work-flow between a development environment and a production environment.

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    Doesn't need a mail server to be installed?

    Hi all,

    I am new to Ubuntu, and have a question how to set up a Drupal on Ubuntu.

    I have installed Apache, MySQL, PHP 5, phpmyadmin, etc, and they work fine. But one problem is left. Drupal warns me that there is no mail server working, when I finish setting up a new site with Drupal.

    However, some say that installing a mail server is unnecessary, because Ubuntu sends e-mails out of the box. (http://groups.drupal.org/node/22401#comment-77421)

    Is this true? If so, how can I take advantage of this feature?

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    [SUPPORT-REQUEST] Setting up an Ubuntu LAMP Server for Development on a VM

    I followed this guide: How To Setup an Ubuntu LAMP Server for Development Purposes Only
    But I've run into a problem. The Server I setup is on a VM (VirtualBox). I did this so I wouldn't have to manage it on my local machine and I could easily turn it on/off when needed. I used 64bit Ubuntu 9.04 Server. I gave the VM it's own Static IP address ( and HostName (LAMPVM) via my Routers config.
    The problem I've run into is when I try and access my virtual hosts from my HARDmachine (not the VM), it doesn't work...

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    Mac OS X Native or Ubuntu virtual Machine

    Hi all,

    While my main development machine at work is a Desktop running Ubuntu,
    I also have a macbook at home.

    Up to now, I've been doing development at home using VirtualBox with a Ubuntu guest OS.
    It works pretty well, but at times a little cumbersome - having to boot up twice, the Ubuntu OS isn't as smooth as Mac OSX etc.
    But it means my environment is pretty much exactly the same, and almost exactly the same as the VPS I use for a few sites.

    I'm just curious what others are up to, and especially how they test in multiple browsers.


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    Installing Drush on Ubuntu

    So, you probably have heard of drush, and maybe you have not tried it yet. I tried it quite a while ago, and found it to be somewhat of a hassle. But I yesterday I decided to give it another go, and see all the buzz everyone's talking about.

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    svn user group

    Hey guys,

    I have a document root with code I would like subversion manage and apache operate.
    Is sounds like /var/www is owned by root:root and nobody else can checkout from cvs, edit or copy a file
    Should I create a Group and Add www-data and SVN username into new Group?

    Kind Regards,

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    VPS tuning advice

    Hi all,
    I'm running a zen Based VPS at blacknight with some, relatively speaking, low traffic sites.

    I upgraded one of those sites to Drupal 6 this morning, and now the server seems to have gone haywire.

    I'd appreciate any advice as to how to recover the situation.

    One of the sites is www.athenryac.com, and judging from the browser, a connection is being made to the server,
    and it is is either extremely slow, or just times out.
    Even ssh access is very slow.

    The server is running Ubuntu 8.4.01
    Php 5
    with APC installed.
    Mysql 5.

    Phpinfo, and my.cnf pasted below.

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    Ubuntu Drupal Development Suite

    There is something brewing over at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDrupal

    The setup instructions can be found here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDrupal/Setup and the launchpad page is https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-drupal

    I believe the purpose of this project is to organize team work. Has anyone tried it out/have more info?

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    Creating Drupal environments using vmbuilder on Ubuntu 8.10

    With some scripting on Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) we can simple generate fully customised Drupal LAMP development servers, as virtual appliances to VMware, or to other virtualization environments like XEN or KVM. It's an effective and quick way to have various development or test servers in one hardware box running Ubuntu 8.10 and VMware Server 2.0.

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    Drupal Development (in a "to go" box)

    session proposal at drupalcon for a pre-built development environment. free. open source. with php debugging. works on MAC, Windows, linux, and solaris.

    I'm planning to give the talk at DrupalCamp San Diego, and it has been accepted as talk at SCaLE 7x. It should be pretty polished by the time march rolls around. if you're interested, please check it out and vote: DrupalCon 2009 - Drupal Development in a "to go" box.

    It's based on

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    Fixing glitches in the Drubuntu documentation

    I've noticed a couple of glitches in the Drubuntu how-to. Since they are wiki pages, and I'm going through trying each line of code, I've updated what isn't working to have the fixes or changes necessary to make them work.

    1. Skype wasn't installing on apt-get, I added instructions for getting this downloadable.

    2. On the eclipse install, the instructions about adding the Eclipse extensions also was wrong. When I followed the directions, there was no Add Site button until I clicked on the Available Software tab.

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