Who's in for a Drupal meet-n-greet event this Summer 2010?

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silence is a virtue

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I'm guilty of not being able to check back on gdo/philippines for quite a while. I know that working too much is not an excuse, but that's really my case. In line with that, I wish to ask people around if they wish to have a Drupal meetup so we can all catch up, potentially inviting new members to attend.

  • Another goal is to see what you are interested in, so we can help organize the event, get sponsorships and such.
  • If you think a physical meetup is not possible, I'm 100% sure we can host online webinars as well.

If you're interested, comment below or contact me.

Your feedback is important.


Marc C.

marc, you might want to email

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marc, you might want to email the drupalcamp mailing list about this. just email me if you want that.

mailing list

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Hi Rachel,

Sure, it would be a great idea to send an invite to our local drupalcamp mailing list.

If you could do the extra step of inviting people to join this poll convo, that would be a huge time saver.

Any update?

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Any update about this plan? I'm sure there are some / many are interested on this event to happen this SUMMER, Problem was they don't know that there is a discussion / poll about this.

Thumbs up!

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Hi Danreb, don't worry, Rachel and Marcky knows best :) thumbs up to this meet-ups!

Hey guys, Since we don't have

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Hey guys,

Since we don't have anything set yet, the floor is open for any discussions or requests from the group.

We're basically inviting people to give suggestions on what we will expect. But mostly it would be sharing and caring... that kind of stuff. Personally, I'd like to know what kind of Drupal projects our group members are interested in.

Since most people I bump into complain about the learning curve, I'd be willing to discuss tips/tricks on fast development iteration plus tools on how to make development easier.

We can also poke around Drupal 7 together and share notes.

This is good!

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I think this is really interesting! Im not an advanced drupal developer but this will help me a lot on using drupal. And I hope I will learn how to create my own modules..hehe Looking forward into this! :))

Creating own modules

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Interesting topic for advance users, sana merong Pinoy module maintainer na sumali sa event na pwedeng mag share, I know some Pinoy module maintainer like Primerg and ppblaauw, di ko alam kung meron pang iba. Si Marc and Daniel as far as I know they are Drupal Themer.

Hi Danreb, si Philip Blaauw

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Hi Danreb, si Philip Blaauw ay hindi Pinoy, sya ay isang Dutch na may asawang Filipina, He is living in Negros sa kanyang beach front property, and sana imbitahan tayo sa kanila, :D

Ganun Ba

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Thanks sa info, kung ganun di pa gaanong marami talaga ang Pinoy Module Developer, so medyo malabo yung may makapag share sa atin ng tungkol sa Module Development. Sayang.

module dev

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In my experience with Drupal, I have found that module development is not the holy grail of contributing back to the Drupal community.

For me it's the Usability that matters. Code is just there to interpret our logic, but in the end, what matters most is that a user is able to use the web application with the least stress.

Cool talaga mag-module development, pero dahil hindi pa ganung ka-mature ang audience natin dito sa Pinas kaya medyo madugo itong pasukin. Pang parental-guidance kasi siya kung iisipin (it requires a lot of adherence to Drupal best practices which is very hard to grasp for the faint-hearted).

More reason for us to organize frequently para someday, kung papalarin, magkakaroon din tayo ng Code sprints na talagang "coding" at hindi puro click-based site-editing. -- That's something to look forward in the near future.


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Sayang dun pa nman aq pinaka-interested ngayun.. Sana may makuha taung speaker kht ndi pinoy pra makapagshare sa 'tin ng module development

I've been developing in

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I've been developing in Drupal for a few years now, and I am more than happy to share tips and tricks on module dev't. :)

tips n' tricks

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Hi Jhef,

Nice to hear from you. A lot of new members are excited to learn about beginning module development (they think it's very awesome). Is it possible for you to attend the meetup? Many fans are waiting... :-)

I just realized di pala ako

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I just realized di pala ako pwedeng mag-present wala nga pala akong laptop haha :) At mukhang wala rin akong time na makagawa ng presentation. Help na lang ako sa mga discussions..


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Hi Jhef,

Ganun ba? Meron tayong panel discussion(s) na pwedeng sagutin ng mga nakaka-alam.

Kung kailangan nga machine, I'll have a laptop ready for demonstration purposes.

Presentation? Your presence is enough to make things happen ;)


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Would be interested in seeing this happen =)


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Hi Jan. Are you going to share your time with us this May 22nd?

I do hope you can. We need speakers like you in the meetup.

Nice, hope we can do this

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Nice, hope we can do this once a month! Like a regular thing!

Hows things going on?

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So hows the status of this event? any updates form the starters?? :D

Thanks to G2iX, their Techbar

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Thanks to G2iX, their Techbar is always open for us. At least we can cross the venue out of the checklist.

Before we proceed tho, we need a list of attendees & participants for inventory purposes (e.g. # of food sponsors will donate, freebies & stuff).

The date of course must be decided upon. Right now we have the whole month of May to choose from. I say: MAJORITY WINS

It also has been shouted out by most that it should be a non-working day, which means it's going to be a Saturday OR, Friday evening (hey, that's a TGIF night-out!).

To summarize:

1) List of participants
2) Specific date
3) Topics to talk about ---> we can decide this later.

Any marketing material (video, photo, blog) might help boost awareness. Oh, and Joomla and Wordpress (CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Magento, ... whichever) peeps may also join. We are not leaving anybody out or should we?

I wish we can pool in support from wannabe sponsors as well (kahit pa-fishball lang). But that's just me...

the event last December still

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the event last December still has funds left so i can donate 2k for food. I may not be able to attend after may 9 but I will still send the funds once finalized. maybe you should already give a date and people will start saying their thoughts.

--- deleted message

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duplicate message.

That's great news. Alright,

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That's great news. Alright, let me cross-reference holidays with the Fridays/Saturdays of May. I'll post it here later.


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We can choose from these available Saturdays of the month of May, I already excluded May 1 on the list.

  1. May 8
  2. May 15
  3. May 22
  4. May 29

Any suggested date from the group?

List of participants - Last December, participant registered and confirm their attendance via http://drupalcampmanila.com , I suggest we do the same thing, I mean where do participants will go to be able to register for the event? Can we use the same site for the registration of participants? If we set this up, again we can promote the event via our own blog or website just like what we do last December.

I don't know the admin of

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I don't know the admin of that site, but maybe Rachel can answer that.

Yup, no major holiday this May (aside from Mother's day which is Sunday).

that's fine with me.

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that's fine with me.

We can always create a wiki

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We can always create a wiki page for the registration/confirmation :)

Update: 2010 Meet-up Topics

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Here's a wiki-page for people who would like to share their topic ideas anonymously: http://groups.drupal.org/node/64603

Hi marc, pwede bang topic

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Hi marc, pwede bang topic lang, but not necessarily yung nagpost ang magdidiscuss, so we'll wait for the takers, pwede ba yun?


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Yup, I think OK lang.

I think it's ok na panel-discussion style ang gawin natin dun sa mga topics na iba-iba ang possibleng sagot.

For example, we can follow a topic called Drupal Theming Panel discussion, where themers on the meetup can share their own experiences, while the audience can further ask follow-up questions.

We can pick topics on the wiki page, and decide whether it should be a panel discussion, individual presentation (lightning talk, pecha kucha, etc), video screening (for video webcasts), or a song-and-dance number! ;)

Our format is not very restrictive since we intend to promote sharing and creativity.

how about

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how about creating modules? Im really interested on that cause I can't always edit other contributed module. I will be more than happy if I will learn advance usage of drupal in this event! Goodluck to you guys! :))


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if you think this will satisfy your craving, the next best thing to do in order to immerse yourself with this is by converting Drupal 6 modules to Drupal 7.

Don't worry we'll be able to touch this topic soon.

this is GREAT

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i hope this will happen as soon as possible, i am a new in drupal i must said in web designing a fruit of sir Danreb's passion in teaching. This will be help me a lot in knowing more in drupal. Let me know guys how can i participate on this to be successfully done.

Thank you

is interested

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keep me posted :) by the way there's a new interview with dries at sitepoint http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2010/04/28/interview-with-dries-buytaert-...

kaisa.com motolite.com homeworldfanonline.tk


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I look forward to these event 'coz I'm a newbie. I hope I'm free on your soon to be set schedule.

count me in

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Ok ako ng May 15. May 8 is our daughter's birthday kasi.

@Marcky - song & dance number - hahaha :P like! Ice-breaker natin. Any takers?

@Chame: nagsusumigaw na

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@Chame: nagsusumigaw na VIDEOKE ala Drupal-geek :P !

I'm sure maraming talentadong Pinoy ang aattend!

May 15 or 22 or 29

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May 15, 22, 29 OK lahat sakin ang schedule na ito, about the topic, Dahil mag 1 year na ako sa Drupal, kumbaga sa sanggol, nakagagapang na or naguumpisa ng lumakad, I want to share some knowledge that I have learned in the past 51 weeks that I played Drupal. So I can take the topic Converting XHTML Theme / Designs to Drupal Theme which can be considered topic specific for beginners to intermediate

For Advanced Theme Convertion, I know Marc and Daniel can share a lot about this.

Sa Song and Dance number - Sorry, hindi ako pwede dito eh, hehehe!

Hope we can set this all up! Sayang naman kung lalampas ang SUMMER na walang events and Philippine Drupal User Group.

looking forward to...

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@rachel, I don't check on this thread that often but once you guys have finalized the date let me know. I have 2 devs i want to tag along. Also we might pitch in a little something (food or drinks maybe) for the meetup...

UPDATE: looks like each post gets sent to email... anyway, just set the date. :)


Techbar date & time-slot pending

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Hey guys,

Good news! Macel Legaspi of G2iX (remember her? The cool gal who gave away freebies last DrupalCamp Manila) has confirmed that the Techbar is open for our meetup event.

I've sent her potential dates (Friday eves / Saturdays of May) hopefully to point out the most convenient date/time for G2iX to hold our event. Just like all of you, I can't contain the excitement!

NOTE: It would really help if we can get a unanimous decision on the date. Let's punch in our votes.

I vouch for either May 21 (Friday 6pm onwards) , or May 22 (Saturday).

Date and Time

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Ok din sakin yung May 21 (Friday 6pm onwards) , or May 22 (Saturday), Kahit alin dito sa date na ito. Thumbs up!

May 22 (Saturday)

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Kasi rush hour yung 5-6pm Friday night, baka mahirapan tayo at ma-traffic. So I vote for May 22 (Saturday) :)

development but not really as a module

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hindi siya talaga module development, its more on how to integrate your custom app with drupal?

what i mean is - how do i get my custom customer database / book database or what have you to be shown in a drupal site, kahit na yung backend is also custom.

in joomla, this is really simple you just have an iframe window which links to your custom made app.

just because there are drupal standards/guidelines to follow doesn't mean you can't do anything anymore. hehe :)

kaisa.com motolite.com homeworldfanonline.tk

Whoah!!! my on-going plang

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Whoah!!! my on-going plang POLL n gn2? April pa ung discussions ng start ngaun q lng nbasa.. nyahaha
May 22 or 29 aq, sama q boss q pag wla kmi maxado projects bka gus2 nya rin mg speech kgagaling lng DCSF nun. hihihi ;D


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Wag mag-alala, ngayong lingo lang nafinalize ang event details.

Yayain mo boss mo para mashare naman niya ang exp. niya sa DCSF!

Event sign-up now open

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Yes. Tuloy na ito.

To reserve your seat, please sign-up here.

Please note that we can only accommodate 30 people. If you're not in the list, you won't get free lunch (c/o G2iX -- yum).

Sign-up early! :)

Kita kits.

thank you na close na din,

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thank you na close na din, i'll be there

Keep the community ALIVE!

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Looking forward for the next camp. But sad I can't attend this event.

Cheers, To ALL.


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