Next 2010 Meet: When should be our next uber awesome gathering of insanely smart and incredibly beautiful Drupal geeks?

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Right Now! Forget work or raising a family, Drupal meetings are the meaning of life!
0% (0 votes)
June. I love Drupal meets but give me time to stalk the last batch of peeps on Facebook first!
20% (2 votes)
July. A good choice, probably because I can't think of anything funny to say here.
50% (5 votes)
August. The month of love! Well, not really; But it's just as good a month to share some Drupal lovin'!
30% (3 votes)
Total votes: 10


I would choose June so we can

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I would choose June so we can discuss the features of the e-learning site asap but too soon for 2nd 2010 Meetup :)

June: Pro, July-August: Pro + Newbies

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I vote June for advanced meetup topics / participants, favoring Jhef's comment above.

For mixed topics and attendees (newbies), I vote July or August.

I'm for June

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Maybe the ninjas can have a separate meet and the newbies can do something else.

I think the best way for newbies to learn is to dive right in and get started.

I can give a short presentation on how to get Drupal up and running using virtualbox & LAMP.

August Rush, este love

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It is interesting to note that, as of the time of this writing, nobody has voted for "Right Now! Forget work or raising a family, Drupal meetings are the meaning of life!" The choices are funny and entertaining nonetheless. Kudos to the one who initiated this... poll.

By the way, I voted for August, because that's the only time I can join possibly in.

July Meetup

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We are just wondering if there will be a meetup for July? The CNNGo team ( will be in Philippines and would love to attend any meetup and meet Drupal developers from the Philippines. We will be in Philippines from 26th July to 30th July. The Senior product manager, web producer and me (I'm a Filipino by the way) will be there. We can do a short talk about Drupal and CNNGo.

Let us know if there will be one.


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Considering people's schedule got disrupted after the 24-hour Luzon black-out (due to Basyang) I'm not quite sure if people would indulge.

Either way, I fully support a July meetup since we've been lagging for almost 2 months.

I say, let's go for it but we need to figure out a good venue and probably snack (or meal) sponsor.

Any ideas?


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