Zlin area drupalists?

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Hi All,

I'm going to be in the Zlin area for a couple months this summer and am wondering if there are other drupalists in the area? If so, and you're willing to tolerate a Canadian with almost non-existent Czech language skills, I'd love to meet up.

I am going to be telecommuting while there and looking for opportunities to get out of the house once in a while during the work day. If there are good places for co-working, or at least getting online away from the house, I'd appreciate any suggestions.




Hi Ben, there is a first

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Hi Ben,
there is a first drupal pub meet-up in Brno (which is quite close to Zlin) on 25th June, where you can meet local Drupalistas :)
http://www.drupal.cz/clanky/sraz/drupal-brno-pub-2562010-0sraz (google translate ftw ;)

You will need to sign-up (below the node)


Thanks Marek, that sounds

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Thanks Marek, that sounds like fun. I'll see if I can sort out transportation.