SCORM Integration: discuss technical approach

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This ties into the following questions from Brett's posting:

  • Do we talk theory about what we want the scorm integration to look like?
  • Do we figure out how to fit the scorm rte api into drupal?

I think both of these are to be included and more. I'll add:

  • Do we implement SCORM 1.2 or 2004, or 1.2 then 2004 as separate phases, or ? (but perhaps this is a scope discussion instead?)
  • What database schema is required to support (1.2|2004|both)?
  • Do we port an existing implementation (such as the GPL'ed Ilias version of 1.2/2004 support) with minimal changes, or build from scratch?



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I've glanced through the Ilias implementation, and while I don't claim to fully understand it yet, it does appear well organized. There are actually two implementations in there, one a 'classic' 1.2 version requiring Java, and a 2004 implementation that also supports 1.2 via a conversion wrapper. I think the latter would be a good candidate.

Licensing is a bit mixed, but mainly GPL v2.

Joe Kyle

existing implementation - lets get moving

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It's much easier to refine an existing successful implementation.

The sooner the better. Docebo has a SCORM (open source) in PHP that's worth looking at.
The UI is well developed and seems to be stable overall.

Interested in talking more?



Sure, Docebo would be a

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Sure, Docebo would be a source option. I've got them listed under 'Resources'. There are two things that attracted me to Ilias:

1) Supports both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004
2) Both the 1.2 and 2004 implementation are certified.

Going with a version that supports both major SCORM implementations seems more forward-looking to me. Adding SCORM 2004 to a 1.2 implementation is not a small job, so going with a 1.2/2004 implementation from the start may be a better choice, since one is available.

That having been said, I do see that the depth of existing community developer resources for Ilias does seem a bit limited. In reviewing their public discussions, it seems that for any significantly technical developer question, the response is generally something along the lines of "you'll need to talk to person x" and it's always the same one or two people referenced. Not sure how Docebo compares in that regard.

Some other selection criteria I'd suggest beyond #1 and #2 above:

3) Pure JavaScript client-side implementation (no requirement for the Java runtime as in 'reference' implementations)
4) Pure PHP server-side implementation

Regarding the mechanics of implementation, I can see two approaches:

a) Fork the existing code base, and re-write a 'Drupalized' version
b) Copy the existing code base with as few changes as possible, and write a 'wedge' that intercepts and translates all the implementation-context-specific function and API calls to the Drupal equivalents

Not sure which would be more/less work, but the latter option would allow much easier porting of any subsequent updates or bug fixes to the original code base.
Joe Kyle

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Just spoke to Docebo today in Italy - their package is a complete LMS much like moodle and from my understanding it would not be straight forward to take the player/api/rte out of the docebo package to use within drupal.

Still researching the best solution in terms of drupal integration...

one more, source code license

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Oh, and I forgot #5:

5) All "donor" code must be available under a compatible open-source license

Joe Kyle

Where does integration of

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Where does integration of SCORM into Drupal currently stand? Trying to get a grasp of what needs to be done

Sam Rose
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Just looking at the Docebo and Ilias options now - also looking at reload and datalearn. Datalearn is a paid option though but does seem to have good support and tried/tested userbase - much cheaper than some of the other options.

We will have to make a decision on our player solution in the next day or so to move our project forward, woul dbe best to go open source but time is pushing us.

Docebo seems to have a total LMS/Scorm player solution which I guess we could pull the player/API out of.

Thanks Joe for useful pointers and comments - any updates since the last posts here?

I will update with what we go with in the next few days. - rgds, Kevin

I am just looking at an LMS

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I am just looking at an LMS to set up inside/next to drupal main pages and I found like you several potential candidate. Moodle is the most active but has a big lack in terms of Look'n'Feel, Ilias and Docebo are also good candidate but as you said, regarding the small community, it might be a dead-end choice...
What did you finally choose ?

Theming Moodle

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Moodle might not provide the same theming functionality as Drupal but you find some quite good looking themes under


Drupal/scorm solution

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We managed to integrate Icodeon SCORM solution with Drupal 5.x as the LMS solution. We were able to easily talk to the SCORM API/RTE using pre defined functions and also query the database direct to display progress etc.

Icodeon is not a cheap option unfortunately but is a good package with excellent support and we were up against the clock. We used the Icodeon table structure and added this to the main drupal site database.

Other options just did not seem to be viable as they either were a full blown LMS or were not robust enough to be scalable.

Moodle does seem like a good solution though and I think can be skinned to look different?

So how much would it cost

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So how much would it cost for the set up of a web site including drupas as a CMS and moddle as a LMS and some training for two persons (without any clue to administration) for them to be able to you and populate everything ?

I would say around less than 10000€ ? I have currently no idea of the price for such work.

Thanks in advance.


Integrating Icodeon SCORM solution

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How long did this take to integrate, and what type of functionality were you able to integrate?

Did you use drupal to track and store all user information?

Did you end up writing a module for this?

I am looking to integrate a SCORM solution with Drupal 6.x and it seems like Icodeon might be my best bet.

Any information would be most appreciated.

This took about 3 months to

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This took about 3 months to integrate but we were doing other stuff as well and that was with only one coder.

Re functionality we were able to do reporting based on scores and completion of courses linked to users in drupal. Also full upload of scorm courses into drupal as content types so admin people could set up new courses which would then get picked up by the player. OG was used also.

Yes we used drupal users and drupal to pull the course info direct.

We did write a module I think although my memory is fading fast. Icodeon were very helpful and friendly, very good online help/bug tracking system.

Hope that helps...

Depending on what you want

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Depending on what you want to do with site you may not need drupal - you may be able to do everything in Moodle (I have no experience with Moodle).

Very difficult to talk about costs - would need a spec to know what exactly is needed for the LMS. I understand Moodle has a built in SCORM player so would be much cheaper to set up than buying a SCORM package such as Icodeon and integrating that.

My experience with SCORM has been only working on integrating the elearning (SCORM) aspect of a very large drupal powered LMS so had no involvement in any costings for the LMS or the drupal setup of the LMS - sorry!

Claroline as an example

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You may want to consider "Claroline" (, which is another open source LMS.

I've worked with this LMS for about 3 months. The one feature that I like the most that I couldn't find in Moodle is the SCO prerequisite settings. We (my company) can prevent someone from continuing to another (they call these "learning paths") lecture, exam, or document (i.e. certificate of completion) prior to finishing a prerequisite SCO.

I can't wait to see the Drupal SCORM module bloom. My company is deploying drupal for the main website, so dropping our claroline LMS in favor of a full drupal solution would be ideal. I only wish I had the time right now to help in developing this module. The most I can offer at this time is communication and ideas.

I hope this helps...

  • Chad

Where are you guys? Can I help?

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I've got a lot of experience doing SCORM integration, I've done a customized installation of moodle (new skin, new tables, big headache), as well as managed a mini SCORM-conformant LMS from the backend.

I know SCORM 1.2 inside and out, from both the LMS and SCO side. The integration of Sequencing and Navigation to SCORM 2004 makes things a good deal more complicated ... which is why there are four different editions of SCORM 2004.

I'm working at a new place that has no LMS, and I'm investigating different options, to ease our tracking issues. We also have content management issues, and with drupal racking up the awards, I can push for us to adopt it, assuming it can still solve our WBT tracking issues.

My company can't donate to the project, but they would probably be willing to donate my time.

I'd be particularly interested in collaborating on a SCORM RTE as a jQuery plugin, using JSON to communicate with the server. The SCORM 1.2 and 2004 RTEs are very similar, they could be packaged as a single plugin. Sequencing & Navigation could then be built as a separate plugin.

I've been looking at a company in Turkey that has already built something similar, but they want more $ then I have. I do however really like the way they've designed their SCORM 2004 API. (They have a great diagram on it)

ey adamatronics, have you found the player?

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I would like to help you with the jQuery player (in PHP) if you want...


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sorry jpascual, but my company has moved on to something else. I'm still convinced jQuery/JSON is the optimal way to implement a SCORM player; it's combining the most popular, easiest to use and most extensible JS toolkit with the leanest and most flexible data structuring notation?

Alas we've moved on and don't have the time to work on it.

DOKEOS SCORM player apparently uses JQuery

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Found the following reference, apparently the DOKEOS project is using JQuery to support their SCORM runtime player:

Might be helpful code examples there.
Joe Kyle

Project Status

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Hey everyone,

I'm a web developer who is currently working with Articulate and SCORM which are to be integrated in the a Drupal 6 site. I was wondering what the current status is on the SCORM module for D6? Does anyone have any recent builds of the project and are willing to share their code? Thanks!

I would like to note that we have a functioning player, which is being created by Articulate.