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We plan to develop scorm [1] integration. That will make Drupal a mighty alternative to already estalished LMS out there.

If you are interested, please join the discussion:

Project Plan Project Resources
discuss deliverables discuss vision discuss mission
discuss technical approach discuss scope


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LMS scorm in Drupal 7

Hi All,

Currently I am developing the LMS System for my Client in drupal 7. I need to develop a SCORM feature in LMS system.

Since I am new to lms system, Can you help me to best SCORM module for drupal 7 to develop the same

Thanks in advance


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2012 Project Status

Hello all!

I am currently working on developing an articulate/scorm modules for Drupal 6. I have noticed that code has been developed, but is not quite recent. I was wondering if anyone was willing to post their code, so that we could continue on progressing with this unique Drupal 6 project.

I would like to note that we have a functioning player, which is being created by Articulate.


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Web Developer - Architect | Careerbuilder

Employment type: 

This position is a 3 month contract
Atlanta - GA

The Agile Web-Developer is responsible for scoping, developing and deploying customized solutions to meet customer needs through
The SCRUM process in partnership with product managers and vendors.

Major Responsibilities:
• Work closely with the community and support teams to develop new functionality.
• Develop and modify custom Drupal modules
• Configure and manage content on Drupal catalog
• Write php / mysql / Java / Ajax
• Research, find and deploy modules based on business need

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LO Drupal 7

Hi to all of you.
I would like to know what are the projects plans for scorm drupal 7 version.
I would like also to ask you for what are my alternatives for using LO in drupal 7.
Thanks a lot for your time.

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Software Developer | DLC Solutions

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Software Developer - LMS & Quiz

DLC Solutions is seeking a Software Developer to join our development team working on EthosCE, a learning management system for continuing professional education. We are experiencing solid demand for our products and are adding a fourth software developer to our team of 11 to assist with product development and support.

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Joint effort on a D6 SCORM API

I'm been working on sanduhrs code ( for Drupal 6.

It's far from complete, but is a second step. CMI Datamodel is implemented and we have a conformant RTE. I'm missing the API/Session communication in order to get Claude's test script fully successful.

Anyone interested on this? I'm going to be working on this for the next weeks and we could get something faster if we join forces!


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SCORM RTE and CMI prototype

A first prototype of a SCORM-RTE is available for review [1].
It's far from complete and probably needs refactoring, but it's a first thing.

I'd like to put the following statements up for discussion:

  • First goal is a SCORM 2004 3rd Edition conformant Run Time Environment (RTE).
    That includes an implementation of the CMI Datamodel (CMI).
    The RTE should work fine with standalone assessments (SCOs whithout sequencing and navigation) that are uploaded manually to a Drupal site.
  • Second goal is to include per user/per SCO reporting, based on the data gathered in the learning sessions.
  • Third goal is to implement sequencing and navigation, for full SCO support.
    That includes upload and import (untaring/unziping, parsing of imsmanifest.xml) of SCOs via web interface.
  • Fourth goal is SCORM certification by an ADL Certification Testing Center ;)
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Funded work implementing SCORM (RTE) module for Drupal - renewed call for input / assistance

Hi all,

There's been some previous interest and discussion in a SCORM implementation for Drupal - Nine Lanterns now has a (very modestly) funded project that will need to have SCORM objects use the SCORM API to set and get data, so we are starting work on this now - if anyone else is working on this please get in contact and so we can avoid duplicate effort!

Thanks to jjkd for making a great start on the SCORM wiki docs previously.

Read more's picture flex and scorm 2004

I found something like that today:

Anybody know what is going on ;) That is very interesting.

Green Player - Flex SCORM 2004 Player for Drupal

Green Player (code name) is a online scorm player in Flex 3 that runs and integrates in the Drupal platform.


ADL SCORM 2004 course player
Basic implementation of CMI DataModel
Actionscript 3.0 implantation of API Adapter
Web based, runs online on our web server
Developed as a Drupal 6.x module, it integrates with the platform and provides a basic LMS for the moment

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What do you want most from the Education Meetup at DrupalCon 2008 in Boston?

Meet other people in education using Drupal.
30% (9 votes)
Get examples of Drupal sites used in education/schools/corporate training settings.
27% (8 votes)
Learn more about building sites, and administering Drupal.
20% (6 votes)
My school/organization is looking for a CMS, and I want to know some of the pros and cons of using Drupal
7% (2 votes)
I need to talk to my Business Manager; I need to know some of the Total Cost of Ownership details for running Drupal sites
0% (0 votes)
Learn more about Drupal as an LMS/Doc Repository option
17% (5 votes)
Total votes: 30
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SCORM Integration: discuss scope

Draft version of scope:

The scope of this grouip and project is to focus primarily on supporting the implementation of SCORM content integration. While other LMS-centric features may come under discussion and relate to the work done here, the primary intent is to focus first on SCORM. Indeed, it may make sense to consider this group/project as producing a deliverable (SCORM integration) that can be used by other Drupal groups (example: DrupalEd)

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SCORM Integration: discuss technical approach

This ties into the following questions from Brett's posting:

  • Do we talk theory about what we want the scorm integration to look like?
  • Do we figure out how to fit the scorm rte api into drupal?
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SCORM Integration: discuss mission

Draft version of mission:

Plan and implement the necessary modules and documentation required to support adding nodes to a Drupal implementation that allow launching of SCORM content objects

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SCORM Integration: discuss vision

Draft version of vision:

To provide key enabling technology to allow the Drupal platform to challenge existing LMS platforms and compete effectively in the Web 2.0 and e-Learning 2.0 spaces by delveriing fully-integrated content management system, e-learning and social networking capabilities (with the help of a few other modules, of course)

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SCORM Integration: discuss deliverables

Draft version of deliverables:

Deliverables are expected to include:

  • A link-launchable SCORM run-time environment capable of providing all necessary SCO-LMS communicaitions functions needed to pass ADLNet SCORM run-time tests
  • Administrative functionality as required to support maintenance of data for the first deliverable
  • Administrative functionality as required to parse and load a SCORM content package
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SCORM Integration Project Plan

Project plan goes here...

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SCORM Integration Project Guidelines

mission (discuss)

Plan and implement the necessary modules and documentation required to support adding nodes to a Drupal implementation that allow launching of SCORM content objects

vision (discuss)

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I noticed we all rallied for a day or two a while back, and I haven't heard anything since then. Where do we go from here? Do we make tasks and milestones? Do we talk theory about what we want the scorm integration to look like? Do we figure out how to fit the scorm rte api into drupal? WHatever it is, let's define it and start working on it. We can use this page to talk about the next steps and who has expertise to work on them.

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Drupal + SCORM = outstanding 'learning' package

Hi all,

It is fantastic to see some others interested in work on a Drupal SCORM module.

At Nine Lanterns we have built an E-Learning Content Authoring System that generates SCORM packages (and other outputs like PDFs etc). The first few versions went through .ASP then .NET, and we are currently porting parts of it to Drupal.

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