I wish to have subdomains for specific content types.

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Hello Everyone,

I am having a site where i have installed OG(Organic Groups) module for managing groups.

Each group created must have a subdomain like groupname.domainname.com ?

I have a shared hosting, also i wish to do this in localhost.

Please help me to do this.

Thanks in advance.


Searching for subdomain int

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Searching for subdomain int he drupal modules came up with http://drupal.org/project/subdomain which sounds like it might work.

Or da has some ways of

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Or da has some ways of specifying this stuff. Then you only need to manage from 1 site. Can also specify per content types to go certain places

Is the seetings possible with shared hosting ?

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I have a shared hosting account ?

Is it possible to set up subdomain settings with shared hosting ?


What are the server requirement ?

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Can anybody help me , what are all the server requirements for having a subdomain module with Organic groups.

I would like to create subdomains for every group created.

Any help appreciated..!

Thanks in advance.

Shared hosting

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I would recommend getting a VPS instead of using shared hosting. Shared hosting really only works for straight forward low traffic sites. For anything else, including what you are proposing you will be a lot better off with a virtual machine or dedicated box. The time you save will quickly offset the additional hosting fees.

Thanks for your reply @skwashd

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Thanks for your reply.

Can you send me the roadmap for achieving Subdomains module working ?

A roadmap?

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@thelionkingraja sorry I don't have a plan ready to go for you. To do what you want, get a slice from slicehost, say the 1G plan or something similar from linode, use Debian stable or ubuntu 8.04LTS and run up a standard LAMP server, tuning each service for the environment it is operating in. Make the configuration changes needed by the subdomain module. Install Drupal 6 with the subdomain module. It should all just work then. If it doesn't all work then it is time to start troubleshooting.

Thanks for your ideas

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Thanks for your ideas. I will try to setup everything and if needed , ask for your help.