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I am working on customizing a Views Slideshow and I was wondering if there was a way to list the title and teaser in little div's off to the side of the main image by changing the CSS. I got slideshow working on What I am trying to do with the new site is have all of the text appear stacked to one side of the image in their little row containers. Right now, only the text from the currently loaded image shows up. In looking at the output through Firebug, I can see a bunch of inline CSS that hides the teasers from the user. I would like to override it if I can.

Is there a way to do that with CSS?


Views Cycle

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I did something like what (I think) you're describing, only I did it using the Views Cycle plugin. You can see the results (and the CSS) at


Mike, Thanks to your

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Thanks to your suggestion I am really close to finishing up the little news feed I have been working on. I am having one strange problem with a background image. In IE, it looks like it is cut off on the right side. FF looks fine. Here is the CSS for the container:

#news_feed {
margin: 0;
    padding:14px 0 0 12px;
height: 270px;
clear: both;
   background-image: url(../images/bg-news-feed.png);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
  background-position: left;

I have a screen shot of the problem here:

I tried using the background-position declaration but that didn't work. I was wondering if you have had similar problems...

Do you have a URL we could

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Do you have a URL we could look at?

Yeah. I created an account so

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Yeah. I created an account so you can view the theme.


The image in the news feed is also not centered. Not sure what I did to screw that up.

First thing I notice is your

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First thing I notice is your CSS is not being applied. The id you gave (#news_feed) doesn't show up on that page. Looking at Firebug this is the CSS being applied to your slideshow background:
Only local images are allowed.

I don't know what just

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I don't know what just happened but the View that feeds the news feed is not working all of the sudden. The articles are still there but the view doesn't work. Not sure what's broken but I need to get it fixed first...

Okay. It's working again.

Okay, I went back to look at

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Okay, I went back to look at the output using Firefox, Chrome and IE and I see the main DIV container for the news feed. I noticed that you use Firebug as well. I am curious that you didn't see the parent DIV.

I think you might be looking at a sub page instead of the index. The news feed is only going to show on the index page right now. What page did you get the code from?

I guess it was from a

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I guess it was from a subpage. When I look at the main page now the images aren't showing up at all.

There was a few problems with

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There was a few problems with my web host last night that caused them to restore my DB. Apparently they were updating MySQL on their servers and they had some "issues". I had to restore some of the changes I had made to the site over the last few days.

You should be able to view the images again using the account I posted earlier.

Another weird thing is that

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Another weird thing is that the links in the navigation block work to bring up the image associated with that article but do not "click through" to the page like its supposed to. I have the Title set to link to node in the View (and it works in the preview) but it's not working on the page. If you click the image it works...

Yes! That is basically what I

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Yes! That is basically what I am looking for. Thanks Mike!

I know this isn't exactly

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I know this isn't exactly what you asked for and Mike hooked you up with something but I wanted to share this great screencast on overlays in slideshows.

Actually I did see that

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Actually I did see that podcast. Mustardseed has been one of my best resources on Drupal. I got through that but I was not able to figure out how to show the teaser info that I wanted to. I think Mike's recommendation of Views Cycle will work out better, I just need to figured out how to use the CSS.

Don't know if the need is

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Don't know if the need is still there, but i've had to do some crazy custom stuff with views_slideshow, imagecache and semantic views/cck. I'd be willing to sit down with you sometime and help you along.


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